Caucasus Photo Journal – Week 12: Chiatura and Kazbegi

Every Friday during our three-month trip through the Caucasus I plan to publish a short series of photos that sums up the week that was.

Our time in the Caucasus has almost come to an end. This week we travelled back to Tbilisi via Kutaisi and Chiatura, with a quick stopover in the capital before heading to our final destination, Kazbegi. After a few final days in Tbilisi, it will be time to head back to Australia.

This will be the final post in my Caucasus Photo Journal series. I still have a lot of stories to catch up, so stay tuned for those.


© Emily Lush 2017
An old cable car flying over Chiatura.
© Emily Lush 2017
One of a few cable car stations still operating today. In its heyday, Chiatura boasted 17 passenger and freight lines.
© Emily Lush 2017
A group of friends playing cards in the back of their truck.
© Emily Lush 2017
A flower vendor on Chiatura’s main street.
© Emily Lush 2017
Hiking to Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi.
© Emily Lush 2017
Gergeti Trinity.

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