Caucasus Photo Journal – Week 7: Yerevan, Armenia

Every Friday during our three-month trip through the Caucasus I plan to publish a short series of photos that sums up the week that was.

We arrived in Armenia – the first nation to declare itself a Christian state in 301 AD – on Easter Sunday. We immediately fell in love with the capital city, Yerevan and couldn’t wait to get out and explore. And then…

In all our months (now years) of travelling, neither of us has ever been seriously ill. That changed this week. We spent most of our days getting acquainted with Armenia’s healthcare system as a result (which has been very impressive, in case you’re interested). Yerevan will have to wait.

I took the opportunity to catch up on some blogging and posted three new stories about carpet weaving in Quba, the town of Sheki, and the incredible Sheki Karvansaray Hotel. I also shared some tips for travelling by bus in Azerbaijan.


© Emily Lush 2017
Republic Square in the centre of Yerevan. This is one of the loveliest places to hang out. With the fountains on and the cherry blossoms in bloom, it well and truly feels like summer has arrived in Armenia.
© Emily Lush 2017
A man looks out the window of his house in Kond district. Yerevan has no well-preserved old city, just crumbling old neighbourhoods like Kond.
© Emily Lush 2017
Katoghike Church in central Yerevan. The older part of the chapel dates back to the 13th century and was uncovered during demolition works. Armenia was a Soviet Republic at the time, and luckily the government let them keep and restore the chapel. A new church was built up around it some years later.
© Emily Lush 2017
Candles lit inside the Katoghike chapel on Easter Sunday.
© Emily Lush 2017
The incredible Cafesjian Center for the Arts in Yerevan.


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