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10 Best Places to Visit in Georgia (Country)

This post originally appeared on The Journal by Intrepid Travel. Read the full report here.

The Republic of Georgia – a country as diverse as it is distinct.

Still largely unknown to tourists outside of Eastern Europe, when Georgia finally gets the international attention it deserves, it will be as an outdoor and adventure travel hotspot. From the peaks of the Caucasus mountains to Kakheti’s rolling semi-deserts, the stony Black Sea coastline to Imereti’s lush inland forests, there’s a landscape and a slew of activities that go with it to suit just about every taste.

Add to this a vivid history of kingdoms and conquest, a brutal but imperative Soviet past and a progressive arts and food scene, and there’s a serious case to be made for Georgia’s towns and cities, too.

It’s true: In this traveller’s humble opinion, Georgia might just be the perfect all-rounder. To help you experience the best of what the country has to offer, here are 10 essential spots to incorporate into your itinerary.

Read my full report on The Journal by Intrepid Travel >

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