Green Season in Cambodia: A Ride Through Kampot’s Rice Fields

© Emily Lush 2015

Kampot is my favourite place to go when I need to escape Phnom Penh. On our most recent visit, we decided to make use of our hotel’s free bicycles and go for an early morning ride through rice country. Our visit coincided with the annual rice transplanting season, when farmers prepare their fields using remnants of the previous harvest. The red-dirt roads, towering palm trees and glistening fields of shallow water characteristic of Kampot’s agricultural area make it one of the most beautiful landscapes in Cambodia. Here is an idea of the vibrant colours and vistas you can expect to see in Kampot during green season.

© Emily Lush 2015© Emily Lush 2015 © Emily Lush 2015© Emily Lush 2015© Emily Lush 2015© Emily Lush 2015© Emily Lush 2015

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