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Into the Wild: 12 Incredible Nature Cabins in Georgia

A woman reads inside a cabin lit up at night in a forest in Georgia.

Georgians have a reputation for building churches and monasteries in epic locations. These mountain and forest cabins in Georgia each have a pretty spectacular backdrop, too.

From ancestral wooden homes in tiny villages, to alpine chalets and designer A-frame cabins in remote mountain passes, each of these 12 accommodations combines the comforts of home with divine views, fresh air, and direct access to some of Georgia’s best hiking, skiing, and more.

If you feel the call of the wild or are craving some solitude, this curated list of accommodations is sure to inspire your nature escape.

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Duende Hotels

⚐ Khiza, Lagodekhi National Park

A contemporary cabin lit up at night in a forest in Georgia.
Photo credit: ©LUCID / Duende Hotels (used with permission).

Located in a small village on the edge of Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, one of Georgia’s 10 national parks, Duende Hotels offers private cabins for couples and families.

Each stilted A-frame is beautifully decorated with designer furnishings, while floor-to-ceiling windows create the illusion that you’re sleeping in the undergrowth.

Every cabin has it’s own private outdoor hot tub, and the property’s on-site restaurant serves meals daily (including a complimentary breakfast). Duende is run by a Spanish-American couple who are long-term residents of Georgia and employs dozens of people from the village nearby.

Lagodekhi Nature Reserve offers ample hiking opportunities, including a multi-day trek to Black Rock Lake on the border of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

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AltiHut 3014

⚐ Sabertse Pass, Kazbegi

A small wooden cabins in Georgia at the foot of the Greater Caucasus mountains.
Photo credit: Aga Wielinska / AltiHut (used with permission).

If your dream is to fall asleep at the foot of the Greater Caucasus mountains, AltiHut 3014‘s backdrop is about as epic as they come.

Located above Gergeti Trinity Church, AltiHut is a mountaineers’ lodge purpose-built to accommodate climbers on their way to Mkinvartsveri, Georgia’s third-highest peak. In a couple of hours, you can hike up to the cabin from town to visit the restaurant/bar.

Even if you’re not trekking or interested in winter sports, it’s a great spot to chill in the mountain air. Spend some time in the high-altitude library or send a postcard from Georgia’s highest postbox. The hut is open year-round, and offers large dorm-style rooms.

Aside from accommodation, the AltiHut team is working to improve tourism infrastructure in the area by developing innovative waste management systems, doing trail maintenance, and managing foot traffic on the mountain for better environmental sustainability.

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Kazbegi Cabins 1 & 2

⚐ Kazbegi

A modern wood cabin with floor rugs and wood on the walls.
Photo credit: Kazbegi Cabins (used with permission).

Also in Kazbegi, Kazbegi Cabins offers two Scandinavian-style lodgings closer to town, roughly halfway between the river and the trailhead for Gergeti Trinity.

Both self-contained cabins feature a kitchenette with hotplate, a modern bathroom, and a spacious living area for lounging. The cabins accommodate up to four guests in one separate first-floor bedroom and a loft space.

Crafted from 100-year-old oak and finished with hand-woven rugs and textiles, this place a true cabin-in-the-woods feel. Picture windows perfectly frame views of the town and mountains beyond.

I particularly love the sleeping loft with its little portal window.

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Eco Huts in Mestia

⚐ Mestia, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

A small wooden cabin in the forest in Georgia.
Photo credit: Eco Huts in Mestia (used with permission).

Eco Huts in Mestia is nestled in a thick pine forest on the outskirts of Mestia, the main town and transport hub in Georgia’s north-eastern Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.

Hand-built from local timber, the hut sleeps up to six people and also contains a full kitchen and dining area. Furnishings are rustic, but the cabin is very cosy.

The front balcony is a nice addition, and there’s plenty of grassy space out front to stretch your legs, making this a great choice for families or groups.

The cabin is located walking distance from the centre of Mestia and 50 metres from a natural mineral spring. For skiing and snowboarding, Hatsvali Mountain Ski Resort is just 200 metres from the cabin’s front door.

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Gudauri Chalet-Apartment

⚐ Gudauri

An ultra-modern mountain chalet with a fireplace and widows looking out to snow-capped mountains.
Photo credit: Gudauri Chalet-Apartment / Airbnb.

If you’re looking for a high-altitude luxury escape, Gudauri Chalet-Apartment is an opulent retreat in the mountains near Gudauri ski resort.

The 100 square-metre apartment boasts two separate bedrooms, a full kitchen, an entertaining area with a wood-burning fireplace, and two bathrooms (one with a tub!) spread over two floors.

Huge observation windows look out over the ski fields, and sparse furnishings give this cabin an Aspen lodge-like feel. It’s truly ski to door, with the nearest chairlift just 100m away.

During the winter season, guests also get access to the swimming pool, sauna and gym in the nearby hotel complex.

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Kinchkha Wood House

⚐ Kinchkha, Imereti

A historic wooden house with a verandah and tin roof.
Photo credit: Kinchkha Wood House / Airbnb.

It’s not technically a cabin, but Kinchkha Wood House is nonetheless a charming nature retreat, this time in western Georgia’s lush Imereti region.

Situated 55km north of Kutaisi near Okatse Canyon and Kinchka Waterfall (you actually get a view of the latter from the property), the house is a stone’s throw from Mount Askhi and hiking trails through the nearby gorge.

The real joy, however, is the two wooden cottages. At 170 and 90 years old, they are both living ethnographic museums. One has its original interior preserved to show guests how the owner’s ancestors once lived.

Lavish supra feasts are hosted inside, with host Irina cooking up a smorgasbord of Imeretian delicacies using local and organic meats, dairy and veg.

Transport to the cottage, plus tours of the area, are offered by the friendly and accommodating hosts.

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Fifth Season

⚐ Juta

A small wood-paneled room with a cosy bed and windows overlooking a green forest.
Photo credit: Fifth Season (used with permission).

Back on Georgia’s eastern side, due north of Tbilisi, Fifth Season‘s mountain hut with panoramic mountain views is the perfect place to escape from the city.

Juta is located 20km outside of Kazbegi on the way to one of the country’s premier hiking destinations, Chaukhi Pass. This is a great place to start the two-day loop trek from Juta to Roshka via the pass, which is open during the summer months (typically from July until the end of September).

There are a number of easier trails in the area – or you can just simply relax on an outdoor beanbag or hammock in front of the lodge. Meals (and cocktails!) are served on-site.

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Kazbegi View

⚐ Kazbegi

A modern cabin with A-frame window and a comfortable bed.
Photo credit: Kazbegi View (used with permission).

Kazbegi View is located on the eastern side of Stepantsminda (AKA Kazbegi), commanding a postcard-perfect panorama of Mount Kazbegi and Gergeti Trinity from its west-facing windows.

Three chic A-frame chalets lined up in a row each include a kitchenette with bar fridge, modern bathroom, a double bed, and mountain-facing patio.

In spring and summer, the front lawn is a lovely place to sit with a glass of wine or a cold beer.

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Komli Historic Farmhouse

⚐ Tsitelmta, Guria

A barrel transformed into a sleeping pod in a grassy field in Georgia.
Photo credit: Komli (used with permission).

Outside the village of Tsitelmta, roughly 5km from the city of Ozurgeti and accessible by train from Tbilisi, Komli Historic Farmhouse is a 150-year-old home in the heart of Guria, Georgia’s tea and hazelnut country.

If you’re looking for good old-fashioned hospitality, this is the place. The house has been in owner Mariam’s family for several generations.

Guests are accommodated in two bedrooms (each with its own fireplace) and treated to farm-fresh meals from the family kitchen. The glamping barrel (pictured above) is currently in development – I’m hoping to check it out later this year!

Activities on offer include touring the tea plantation and taking a tea degustation, joining a masterclass to make Gurulian khachapuri, and hiking to a nearby 12th century monastery. Inter-city transfers can also be organised through the property.

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Pine Tree Home

⚐ Ambrolauri, Racha-Lechkhumi

The interior of a wood cabin with a cosy bed and map spread out on a wooden desk.
Photo credit: Pine Tree Home (used with permission).

Fewer tourists make it to Racha compared with Svaneti or Kazbegi – but this mountainous area in north-western Georgia is every bit as picturesque (and a lot more raw and rugged). Pine Tree Home in the village of Ambrolauri is perched on the edge of the national park.

Sitting adjacent to the family’s ancestral home, the cabin features a cosy wood interior and sleeps up to five people. There’s also a full kitchen with oven, dining area, a bathroom with a tub, and a spacious front yard for outdoor dining in the summer months.

If you don’t feel like cooking, mum can make you a local breakfast from farm-fresh ingredients.

The location is perfect for exploring Lower Racha on foot via forest trails or just relaxing with friends.

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⚐ Vakijvari, Ozurgeti

A small cabin in Georgia on a snowy field.
Photo credit: Chamo / Airbnb.

Thirteen kilometres from Ozurgeti, inland from the Black Sea coast in Georgia’s tea-growing region, Chamo is a single, tiny 30-square-metre hut where visitors can really get off the beaten path.

The hut is simple but modern, with a full bathroom, kitchen and double bed. Picture windows and wood paneling give Chamo a serene, snug feel.

Located in Vakijvari Village at the foot of mount Bakhmaro, relaxation is the name of the game here: There isn’t much to do except wander through the hazelnut orchards and follow the hidden path down to the nearby Natanebi river for a swim.

If you’re feeling intrepid, the hosts can organise a riding tour up to Bakhmaro. Try timing your visit with the annual Horse Riding and Folklore Festival.

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Eco Chalet

⚐ Patara Mitarbi, Samtskhe-Javakheti

Two deck chairs on a wooden verandah overlooking a beautiful sunset.
Photo credit: Eco Chalet / Airbnb.

Eco Chalet is one of just 16 houses in the remote village of Patara Mitarbi, found 10km north-east of the ski fields and health spas at Bakuriani.

Crafted from pine and larch, the cabin – like the village – is simple and pure. The gorgeous lodge-style living space features huge windows, a wood-burning fireplace, and more than enough room for six guests to veg out. A sweeping verandah, full kitchen and separate upstairs bedrooms complete the space.

In winter, you can go snowshoeing and in summer, sit on the deck and watch the wild horses gallop through the meadows. Guests can self-cater or eat at the neighbour’s house where matsoni yogurt and nadugi cottage cheese made from the family’s cows are served with wood-stove khachapuri.

The cabin and village are only accessible by 4×4; host Masha can organise transfers.

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The best mountain chalets and nature cabins in Georgia – homestays, eco resorts and boutique hotels – with access to hiking in the Caucasus mountains, skiing and more.

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