Oman on Instagram

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We’ve just returned from an epic 10 days driving around Oman – and I have to say, this trip exceeded all my expectations! One of my favourite things about travelling to a totally foreign place is the chance to collect information to fill major voids in my knowledge and understanding. I love the way travel allows me to slowly build a three-dimensional, multi-sensory map in my mind that links different regions of the world together – through my perceived parallels (and differences) in climate, architecture, food, culture. After spending time in Oman, a country with strong historical links to Zanzibar, I now feel inspired to travel to East Africa. (I had a similar impulse to go to Latin America after spending three weeks in Spain.) I have lots of stories and photographs to share from our trip to Oman, but while I get those posts organised, I wanted to share some of my favourite Instagram moments from our trip. Enjoy!


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