Six Sweet Treats To Try in Spain & Italy

© Emily Lush 2015

To say we ate well on our recent trip to Europe and Morocco is an understatement! Spending a bit of time in Italy and three weeks travelling through Spain, we were able to sample lots of local produce and try a few regional specialties. Here are six of my favourite sweet treats we ate and drank along the way.


© Emily Lush 2015
A laneway eatery in Las Alpujarras, Andalusia.



Spanish churros are less sweet than the sugary, donut-like churros I am used to eating in Australia. They are traditionally served with a mug of thick hot chocolate sauce – for dipping, not for drinking.


© Emily Lush 2015



A regional specialty in Segovia, this lemony, minty cake is one of the most interesting and delicious sweets I ate in Spain. Squares of the baked dessert are wrapped in a thin layer of marzipan, which is then dusted with icing sugar and charred on top to give it a burnt, aniseed flavour.


© Emily Lush 2015



Valencia is the home of two of Spain’s most famous delicacies – paella and horchata. Made from crushed nuts, horchata is a milky drink that is sweet and smooth. When we visited Valencia, there were two competing horchataterias on the same street in the centre of town, but I’ve since learned that Horchateria el Siglo – which opened in 1836 – has closed its doors.


© Emily Lush 2015© Emily Lush 2015



City streets along Spain’s southeastern Orange Blossom Coast are planted out with fragrant orange trees, and basketloads of fresh citrus crowd every market. If you’re staying in an Airbnb, see if your apartment comes with a juicer so you can make your own fresh juice!


© Emily Lush 2015



An Italian classic, bite-sized squares of rich tiramisu are purchased over the counter at Bar Rizzardini in Venice, and quickly scoffed down on one’s way home from work!


© Emily Lush 2015 © Emily Lush 2015



Travelling in a country where great coffee is the norm is a huge luxury! Milky and not-too-sweet cafe con leche (Spain) and cafelatte (Italy) were our go-to drinks on this trip.


© Emily Lush 2015

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