South America

“There’s a reason magical realism was born in Colombia. It’s a country where dreams and reality are conflated…”


South America: A continent that I had no real intention of ever visiting until a friend’s wedding brought me to Colombia. Thank goodness for that.

Six coffee-fuelled, fiesta-filled weeks was all it took to win me over, body and soul. From the pitched streets of Medellin to the small town vibes of Jardin and Jerico and big, bad Bogota, it was almost enough colour, music and dance to last me a lifetime.

Every day is greeted with such zeal such in Colombia and it’s not time to sleep until every last drop of joy and passion has been extracted. It’s enough to make you feel… Well, alive.

It was a very brief introduction, but Colombia completely won me over. You’d better believe that I’ll be back for more.

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