Itinerary Planning

Love travel but hate planning? I can help.

Planning a trip to one of the destinations I write about and feel like you might benefit from some tailored advice?
Many of my readers have asked for it, and now I’m pleased to be offering a personalised trip planning service to help you organise the perfect travel itinerary
Focusing on off-the-beaten-path recommendations and responsible travel tips, this service draws on my own experience to help make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable.
To provide you with the best advice possible, I currently only offer an itinerary planning service for the following destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Trans-Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia and/or Azerbaijan).

The Wayfinder Package

Dreaming of a trip but have no idea where to start? This package is perfect for anyone who wants to pick my brain about a specific destination so they can start building their own travel itinerary.
Recommended for experienced and confident travellers who just need some initial guidance.
This package includes:.
  • 1-hour Skype consultation. Your opportunity to ask me anything. We can go over your time frame, budget and interests to develop a basic structure for your trip. You should come away from this call with all your burning questions answered.
  • Planning email. I will send you links to any specific hotels, tours and transport discussed on the call, plus any other resources I think would be helpful to your itinerary planning.
  • Follow-up questions. As you start to plan out the finer details of your itinerary, I will answer up to 5 follow-up questions via email.


  • 75 USD (itineraries of 2 weeks or less)
  • 130 USD (itineraries of 2-4 weeks)

The Explorer Package

My most popular service, this package is more hands-on and therefore suitable for anyone who already has a rough idea for their trip but needs help pinning down the logistics.
This is a premium service tailored to your specific interests and travel style.
This package includes:
  • 1-hour Skype consultation. On this initial call, I will gauge your interests and needs, and get an idea for your travel style. To make the most of this consultation, you should already have narrowed down your trip to a particular country or region. Come prepared to ask me any burning questions.
  • 1 detailed day-by-day itinerary sent via e-mail. Following our call, I will send you a detailed travel itinerary with links to suggested accommodations, activities, restaurants and tour companies, plus detailed transportation instructions for getting from place to place.
  • 30-minute follow up call. After you have reviewed the itinerary, we can discuss any concerns or alterations. I will send an amended itinerary back to you within 72 hours. (Please note: Any major alterations may incur an additional cost.)
  • Follow-up email. Your chance to ask me any last questions.


  • 140 USD (itinerary of 1 week or less)
  • 250 USD (2-week itinerary)
  • 370 USD (3-week itinerary)
  • 490 USD (4-week itinerary)

Itinerary Review

Already have your itinerary mapped out and just need some expert feedback? I can offer you my honest opinion about your itinerary and help you iron out any sticking points or last-minute logistics.
This package includes:
  • 1-hour Skype consultation. During the call, we’ll run through your itinerary from start to finish. You can ask me any questions you have and we’ll work together to brainstorm solutions. If I think your itinerary could be improved, I’ll give you specific recommendations.
  • Follow-up email. I will send you links to any specific hotels, tours or transport discussed on the call.


  • 75 USD (itineraries up to 4 weeks)

Custom packages

 Not quite what you’re looking for? Email me for a quote.

Terms & payment

  • To secure your package, full payment is required in advance of our first call. Payment can be made via PayPal or direct bank deposit.
  • To ensure we have enough time to plan the best itinerary possible, I kindly request you book your package a minimum of 8 weeks before your intended date of travel. Itinerary Assessments can be requested with a shorter lead time (at least 2 weeks before your intended date of travel).
  • Under no circumstances can I book accommodation, transport, tours or activities on your behalf. Instead, I will provide you with links to streamline the booking process.
  • My Itinerary Planning Service is designed to help you get the most out of your trip. Recommendations and advice are based on my knowledge and extensive research of the region. I will do everything I can to make sure you have an enjoyable, safe and successful trip – but I will not be held responsible for any unforeseen changes or circumstances that may affect your trip.

Get in touch

Send me an email at emily[at] and I will get back to you within 48 hours.
Be sure to include your intended travel dates.