colour, culture & creativity

Colour, Culture & Creativity

Discover a world of vibrant cities, food traditions, incredible festivals, time-honoured rituals, and heritage handicrafts.

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Live Life in Colour

My greatest passion in life – one of the reasons I love to travel – is experiencing different cultures.

When I started this blog back in 2015, it was to document the handicrafts, textiles and markets I encountered while living in Southeast Asia. As I’ve broadened my travel horizons, I’ve fallen in love with other cultural expressions as well, from food to street art to traditional music and dance.

This guide to global colour, culture and creativity brings together some of my favourite stories and round-ups. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Intangible Cultural Heritage to the hidden gems I uncover on my travels, you’ll find lots of educational and inspirational content from all four corners of the globe.

Take a deep dive into global culture.

Top Cultural Destinations

Textiles, hill tribes & street food.

Coffee, cumbia & street art.

Dhow boats, kummas & qahwa.

Lavash, kochari & khachkars.

Festivals & Ceremonies

A curated collection of 60+ festivals, ceremonies and rituals from around the world.

The World on Your Plate

Culinary rituals, vibrant markets and wine culture. Discover the world’s best foodie experiences.

Textile Traditions

Handmade textiles, costumes and handicrafts from Southeast Asia and beyond.

Meaningful Souvenirs

Curated shopping guides to help you find the best authentic, handmade and ethical souvenirs.

Close up of a white and indigo textile in Vietnam.

10 Tips for Finding Authentic & Meaningful Souvenirs

Meaningful souvenirs that capture the spirit of a place and culture can last you a lifetime. Here are 10 practical tips for avoiding mass-produced mementos and finding handmade, ethical and authentic souvenirs on your travels.

Creative Cities

Street art, architecture and urban culture.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Detailed guides to some of the best old towns, national parks and historical landmarks recognised on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Amazing Cultural Experiences

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