Work with me

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Wander-Lush and in working with me, Emily. Wander-Lush is a travel blog dedicated to sharing practical travel tips, itineraries and guides, plus in-depth articles, human interest features and visual stories. Everything that appears on Wander-Lush is loosely based on the themes of colour, culture and creativity.

Why work with Wander-Lush?

Here’s where I should probably drop some references to ROI, CTR and KPIs—but honestly, that’s just not me. Here’s what I can offer you: Real, authentic, thoughtful storytelling that connects with readers to stoke a passion for travel and discovery.

My own fervour for travel and talent for storytelling has inspired some of the world’s biggest travel publications and influencers to showcase my work. Now I want to take the opportunity to spotlight yours.

I have an eye for photography and a nose for a good story. I’m a compulsive researcher and list-maker by nature—always collecting, curating and crafting information. I am a native English speaker and outside of Wander-Lush, work as a trained journalist, editor, copywriter and communications consultant. I’m a self-taught photographer, aspiring videographer, and most importantly, I know my way around SEO, social media and marketing.

I am not just a blogger looking for freebies: I form long-term relationships with the businesses I work with, and often go on to write about them for other publications. My professional background working with NGOs and social enterprises in the areas of Fair Trade, sustainable fashion, women’s empowerment and public health has shaped my belief that tourism can be a force for good, especially in developing communities. I am particularly interested in partnering with businesses that hold similar values.

For a complete list of my published work, please visit my Portfolio.

My readership

As of June 2019, more than 60,000 people visit Wander-Lush every month. My readership is predominantly women (55%) between the ages of 25 and 34 who come from the United States, the UK, Australia, Vietnam, and the Republic of Georgia.

My readers are interested in both travel and ‘green living’, and consider themselves art and culture aficionados. As such, I focus on content that promotes responsible and ethical travel; slow travel and cultural immersion; traditional textiles, crafts and handmade; and ‘off-the-beaten-path’ destinations.

My own fervour for travel and talent for storytelling has inspired some of the world’s biggest travel publications and influencers to showcase my work. Now I want to take the opportunity to spotlight yours.

Partnership opportunities

If you represent a destination, hotel, tour company, activity or product with a great story behind it, I would love to work with you to bring that narrative to life.

In the past, I’ve partnered with brands to establish affiliate partnerships; pen sponsored reviews; write guest blog posts; create social media takeovers; produce high-quality photography and video for marketing; and much more. Write me an email and let’s discuss how we can work together.

Please note: I can write volumes on just about any topic—but I prefer to partner with value-aligned brands that match my audience’s interests. I always disclose my partnerships with full transparency and expect full editorial control over any content produced. If a portion of your costs are donated to a community fund, NGO or similar, I will always cover this out of my own pocket.

For my latest blog and social stats, please
download a copy of my press kit.
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