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This photo of me was taken in Ushguli, Republic of Georgia by Ross, my partner and travel companion


Hi, I’m Emily. I’m a former magazine journalist now working as a copywriter, editor and communications consultant – sometimes for NGOs, other times as a freelancer. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, I have been travelling full-time since 2015.

This chapter of my travel journey started in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I first tried my hand at digital nomadism. After an extended visa run to neighbouring Myanmar saw me spend a full month travelling through the country, I developed a passion for photography and started cultivating Wander-Lush as a forum for sharing my travel stories.

In 2016, I had a change of pace and spent a year as an expat living and working for an NGO in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. During that time, I had a chance to travel extensively through the country, cementing my love for Southeast Asia. In 2017, I spent another three months freelancing while travelling through the Caucasus – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan – before once again relocating for work, this time to Hanoi, Vietnam, where I am now based.

Get in touch: emily[at]wander-lush.org


Wander-Lush is a personal journal where I share stories and photographs from my travels. I write about topics I’m passionate about: urban exploration, creativity, architecture, fashion, textiles, and all things handmade. I also share guides, itineraries, and other travel advice.

Wander-Lush is hosted on WordPress and uses the Uku theme by Elma Studio. You can find the site’s policies here.


A copywriter by trade and a journalist by training, words are my bread and butter. I love storytelling, and I’m a huge believer in the power of well-crafted content to inspire action and social change. I occasionally collaborate with like-minded businesses to create original stories for Wander-Lush. If you think I’d be a good fit for your brand, please get in touch to discuss working together.

If you’re interested in reading samples of my published writing or you want to hire me for a freelance project, please visit my portfolio – EmilyLush.com