Looking for the perfect Hanoi souvenirs to take home from Vietnam? These local, traditional, handmade and fair trade textiles, clothing, homewares and keepsakes are the best things to buy in Hanoi! At the end of the post you’ll find a handy map for shopping in Hanoi.

Don’t be tempted to do all your souvenir shopping at the Hanoi Night Market! Like many other markets and shops in Hanoi and across the region, it’s becoming increasingly dominated by cheap, low-quality, mass-produced products imported from China.

There are a growing number of Hanoi boutiques and creative retailers dedicated to trading in local, handmade and fair trade products.

In my opinion, these always make for the best Hanoi souvenirs. Even better still, many of them double as social enterprises or support rural communities as part of their business model – so you can give something back to Vietnam at the same time as doing your souvenir shopping.

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I’m not a huge souvenir shopper; but in the year-and-a-bit I spent living in Hanoi, I visited my fair share of shops, and purchased many gifts for friends and family.

This post brings together all my favourite things to buy in Hanoi and shows you where to get your own Hanoi souvenirs.

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What to buy in Hanoi: Popular Hanoi souvenirs

Popular Hanoi souvenirs include propaganda posters (reproductions of war-era and Communist-style posters), and dong ho prints (traditional Vietnamese woodblocks).

Hanoi is also known for its ceramics, silk and lacquerware, which have traditionally been produced in villages around Hanoi for centuries.

Embroidery, batik and indigo textiles made by Vietnam’s ethnic minority communities are a perennial favourite, although the quality and authenticity varies wildly depending on where you shop.

Hanoi Old Quarter is packed with clothing stores. Ao dai, the traditional Vietnamese women’s garment with a Mandarin collar and slits up the side (ao dai literally means ‘long top’) are particularly popular among tourists, as are non bamboo conical hats.

Fashion, homewares and design objects made by Vietnam’s emerging creatives are quickly becoming increasingly popular Hanoi souvenirs. Locally grown coffee and chocolate make for excellent edible souvenirs.

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The best things to buy in Hanoi: My favourite Hanoi souvenir shops

A round-up of my favourite souvenir shops in Hanoi.

Top choice: Collective Memory

My favourite retail space in the capital, Collective Memory – The House of Curios is a one-stop shop for Hanoi souvenirs, with more than 30 local labels under one roof.

The ethos here is ‘anti-souvenir’: Everything sold is designed to be loved and integrated into your life back home – not just used once then thrown away.

Owners Nga and Liem do a magnificent job of curating each and every item.

If you only have time to visit one shop in Hanoi, make it this one!

Handmade, organic and ethically produced goods (everything is made in Vietnam), include homewares (tea towels, cushion covers), papergoods (posters, postcards), clothing and accessories. I love the giant soft wall maps of Vietnam, which come rolled around a wooden hanger.

Edibles on offer include Saigon Charlie hot sauce, coconut oil from the Mekong Delta, and local spice blends (the Hoi An sea salt with puffed rice and green tea is divine).

There’s also essential oils, handmade soaps, books, posters, puzzles, and even Hanoi Monopoly!

Best Hanoi shops for traditional Vietnamese handicrafts

Tanmy Design

Silk and cushion covers at Tanmy Designs, a craft shop in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Beautiful clothing and textiles at Tanmy Design.

Founded in 1969, Hanoi’s Tanmy brand is synonymous with hand-embroidery. It was founded during wartime by grandma Tanmy, who ran a business embroidering handkerchiefs with love notes from girlfriends and wives to send to men on the frontline.

Now in its fourth generation, Tanmy still produces fine silk embroidered bed linens, tablecloths, garments and fabrics.

Their massive, multi-level store on Hang Gai (Silk Street) in the Old Quarter also stocks dozens of other local and international brands. Fashion, homewares, art pieces, Vietnamese lanterns, contemporary lacquerware and silver jewellery are all on offer.

Shop Craft Link

A woman embroiders a traditional Hmong textile at her home in Sapa, Vietnam.
Traditional Hmong textiles from Sapa and beyond are sold at Craft Link.

Vietnam’s premier arts and crafts not-for-profit, Craft Link partners with co-ops from different rural communities.

They focus on product development to help artisans design new collections of homewares, scarves, kid’s toys and textiles, which are then sold at Craft Link’s two boutiques in Hanoi (located right opposite each other, near the Temple of Literature).

Not all their brightly coloured textiles are to my taste, but I have found some lovely wallhangings here. I especially love the resin tableware.

Craft Link sells handy bamboo and wood rails that you can use to mount wallhangings and textiles on your wall.

Zo Project

Zo Project was devised by a group of Hanoians to breathe new life into the almost-lost technique of Vietnamese zo paper making.

Traditionally, the paper – which is made from the bark of a rare tree – was used for calligraphy, poetry, and dong ho folk paintings (see below).

Zo Project works with a family in neighbouring Hoa Binh Province who make the beautifully textured, subtly coloured paper by hand.

Propaganda posters, calligraphy prints, notebooks decorated with heritage prints of old Hanoi, postcards, and even paper earrings are all sold in Zo’s shop on Hanoi’s famous ‘Train Street’.

They also offer calligraphy and watercolour classes, as well as tours to the paper-making village.

  • Location: 5A P. Trần Phú
  • Hours & info: Facebook
  • Online shop: Etsy

Cerender Ceramics

There are dozens of ceramics shops in Hanoi Old Quarter – but Cerender always catches my eye because of the sheer volume of stock.

Textured porcelains and extremely fine tableware is all produced in nearby Bat Trang village, where families have been working their kilns for more than 700 years.

Designs range from pretty florals inspired by traditional Vietnamese and Chinese pottery, all the way to eye-dazzling repeat patterns and on-trend motifs.

Ceramics aren’t usually the best souvenirs, but Cerender does have a number of small products that are lightweight and less likely to break. Plus, staff are experts at wrapping!

  • Location: 11a Tràng Thi
  • Hours & info: Facebook


Vietnamese Tet masks for sale at Hanoia shop.
Masks and textiles for sale at Hanoia.

The philosophy behind this luxury homewares brand is all about preserving traditional skills and sharing handmade Vietnamese goods with the world.

Hanoia specialises in high-end lacquerware, silk and silver jewellery (all handmade in Vietnam), and also offers kitsch souvenirs, such as painted theatre masks, woven bags, and pouches made from Hmong textiles.

As well as shops in Vienna and Paris, Hanoia has three locations in Hanoi (including one at the rear of the Temple of Literature complex). I’ve been into them all, and I liked the range at Hanoia House best.

  • Location: 38 P. Hàng Đào (Hanoia House); 58 P. Quốc Tử Giám (Hanoia Văn Miếu); 56 P. Lý Thái Tổ (Hanoi Metropole)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

Dong Ho Painting Sale

Traditional Vietnamese artwork, Dong Ho paintings at a shop in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Traditional Vietnamese artwork, Dong Ho paintings. Photo: Dong Ho Painting Sale.

Located in Ba Dinh near the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Ngoc Ha neighbourhood, this small shop sells a huge range of traditional Ðông Hồ folk paintings. Authentic Dong Ho can be tricky to find, so this shop is a real hidden gem!

Made in Đông Hồ village with traditional woodcut techniques (a method recognised by UNESCO as part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage), the paintings are on natural canvas. You can buy them framed or unframed.

Each Dong Ho painting has different symbolic value. Some are specially made for Tet (Vietnamese New Year), while others particular legends and tales. One of the most popular designs is Đám cưới chuột (Rat’s Wedding).

Paintings featuring carp (for health and fortune), lotus blooms and buffalo are also popular. The owner of this shop is extremely knowledgable and generous, and will help you pick out the perfect painting to take home.

  • Location: Ngõ 179 Đ. Hoàng Hoa Thám
  • Hours & info: Call +84975724238

Best shops in Hanoi for contemporary gifts

Tired City Creative Store

A hoodie jumper printed with a contemporary Vietnamese design at Tired City shop in Hanoi.
A printed hoodie at Tired City. Photo: Tired City.

If you’re looking for a souvenir with a bit of edge, try Tired City. Street-inspired designs on unisex t-shirts and hoodies, tote bags, stationary and art prints all showcase incredible skill and attention to detail.

I love their cute Hanoi-themed keychains too.

Each design in the range is original and exclusive to Tired City, developed for the label by some of Vietnam’s most prominent young creatives. A big part of the store’s mantra is empowering and supporting emerging Vietnamese artists.

Ginko T-shirts

Printed t-shirts for sale at Ginko in Hanoi Old Quarter.
Ginko shop in Hanoi Old Quarter.

A mainstay of Hanoi’s shopping scene, Ginko is one of Vietnam’s original fair trade brands. Their signature range of 100% organic cotton tees feature quirky and hip Hanoi-inspired prints.

Ginko has a couple of different shopfronts in the Old Quarter (plus shops in Hoi An and HCMC), all selling shirts and pants alongside papergoods, playing cards, and a wonderful range of bags hand-made from tarpaulin and other up-cycled materials.

I purchased a Ginko backpack when we first arrived in Hanoi and I’ve been using it ever since.

Tohe Style

Tohe Style has one of the coolest concepts in Hanoi retail. Tohe is a not-for-profit that runs an art and creative therapy program for disadvantaged kids in Vietnam. They fund their operations by selling their own line of children’s ware, toys and sweet accessories at their shop in the Old Quarter.

The fun and playful designs that adorn their products are actually designed by the kids in their classes!

They sell products for adults, too, including t-shirts and soft accessories. Talk about Hanoi souvenirs that give back.

Before we left Vietnam, we were gifted a set of Tohe passport covers and sleeping masks by some friends. We absolutely love them!

Vui Studio

Housed in an uber-trendy polished concrete building near Hanoi’s ‘Train Street’, this cafe-cum-boutique peddles a minimalist range of ceramics, soft home accessories, natural beauty and wellness products made by local creatives.

The word ‘vui‘ in Vietnamese means happy – which is apt, because Vui Studio’s house line of quirky tote bags, natural soaps, scents and candles, and loose leaf teas are bound to make you smile.

  • Location: 3c P. Tống Duy Tân
  • Hours & info: Facebook

Best fashion shops in Hanoi

An Store

Another thoughtfully curated retail space that brings together multiple brands, An Store lifestyle boutique is the brainchild of local creative, Nguyen Mai Phuong.

Many of the products on offer are handmade, including leather shoes and bags, ceramics, and gorgeous linen women’s wear.

The vintage-style storefront near the Hanoi Opera House is instantly recognisable.

  • Location: 8 P. Lý Đạo Thành
  • Hours & info: Facebook

Huu La La

Traditional Vietnamese embroidery at Huu La La.
Photo: Huu La La.

This fashion boutique specialises in hand-embroidered frocks and blouses for women and kids. Summer dresses, cotton shirts and handkerchiefs featuring floral motifs are all divine.

For something uniquely Vietnamese, go for a lotus or dragon design.

Huu La La has branches in Hanoi and Saigon. The Hanoi store near St. Joseph’s church in the Old Quarter also carries a selection of ao dai dresses and an affordable range of purses, lacquer jewellery, and other small gifts.

  • Location: 2 P. Nhà Chung
  • Hours & info: Facebook


Contemporary ethical fashion for sale at Kilomet109, the best fashion shop in Hanoi.
Contemporary Vietnamese fashion at Kilomet109, one of the best boutiques in Hanoi.

Hanoi’s leading slow fashion label, Kilomet109, has its own studio-boutique in Tay Ho.

Garments, scarves and accessories are the work of local designer Vu Thao, who collaborates with ethnic minority artisans to create handwoven fabrics, natural dyes, embroidery and batik detailing.

The skill and workmanship behind Kilomet109 is absolutely stunning: When you see them in the flesh, you can start to appreciate every little detail of the made-in-Hanoi line.

I especially love the simple men’s collared shirts in handwoven fabrics, and the easy-to-wear collection of women’s dresses, jackets and slouch pants.

Indigo Store

Indigo Store, a fashion boutique in Hanoi selling traditional handicrafts and clothing.
Photo: Indigo Store.

Located next door to Craft Link, this petite clothing boutique works with local artisans and seamstresses to create a range of Japanese-inspired women’s and menswear.

As the name suggests, their specialty is fabrics coloured with indigo. The owners partner with Dao artisans for the highest quality natural dyes in brilliant shades of blue.

Indigo’s natural fibres are lightweight and perfect for Southeast Asia weather. Some items are sewn from vintage silk kimonos. Many of the best items in the shop are tucked away upstairs, so take your time to have a good look around.

There’s also an on-site tailoring service if you need something made or altered on short notice. Indigo Store also hosts natural dyeing workshops for adults and kids.

  • Location: 33A P. Văn Miếu
  • Hours & info: Facebook

Best places to buy food souvenirs in Hanoi

Maison Marou

Maison Marou, Vietnam’s first boutique chocolate brand, makes blocks, bars and truffles from cocoa grown in Central and Southern Vietnam.

Flavours are inspired by local ingredients (puffed rice, candied ginger), and the colourful packaging references traditional Vietnamese woodblock prints.

Multi-flavour gift packs make for the perfect Hanoi souvenirs – if you can resist the urge and hold onto it for long enough!

Maison Marou has several shops in Hanoi and Saigon. Their flagship shop-cafe in the capital is one of the best-designed spaces in Hanoi, with a built-in patisserie, and a glass-wrapped production kitchen so you can watch the chefs at work.

  • Location: 91a P. Thợ Nhuộm (flagship store); 64 Đ. Xuân Diệu, Tây Hồ
  • Hours & info: Facebook
  • Online shop: MaisonMarou.com


L’angfarm is a specialty food producer and gourmet grocery shop based in Dalat in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

This is a one-stop-shop for a huge range of organic and bio Vietnamese food products such as dried fruit, spices and condiments, coffee beans, tea (including Dalat artichoke tea), jams and preserves, and much more.

Everything is locally farmed and full of flavour. All L’angfarm products are packaged to go (and they will survive a long flight, believe me!), making for the perfect edible Hanoi food souvenirs.

The L’angfarm flagship store in Dalat is a wonderland for foodies. In Hanoi, they have several smaller outlets inside various shopping malls, including Aeon Mall.

  • Location: Inside Aeon Mall Long Bien
  • Hours & info: Facebook

Oriberry Coffee

This cafe chain has five locations across Hanoi where you can enjoy a cup of Fair Trade brew.

Each branch features a small retail section at the front, where you can shop hand-painted ceramics, Vietnamese phin drip coffee filters, and other coffee and tea accoutrements.

They also carry small, sealed bags of Oriberry beans and ground coffee.

  • Location: 1 P. Phạm Sư Mạnh (Old Quarter branch)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

Hanoi shopping map: Where to find the best Hanoi souvenirs

A woman sells non conical hats at a market in Hanoi, Vietnam.
A street vendor selling hats in Hanoi Old Quarter.

Hanoi handicraft, shopping & culture-themed tours

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Where to stay in Hanoi

If it’s your first visit to Hanoi, I highly recommend staying somewhere central. The Old Quarter and French Quarter are both great for sightseeing and street food. For something quieter and with local vibes, try Truc Bach or Ngoc Ha.

An outdoor pool at a hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam.
AIRA Boutique. Photo courtesy of the property.

TOP CHOICE: AIRA Boutique Hanoi Hotel & Spa (⭐ 9.4). Strategically located in Ba Dinh, a local area halfway between the Old Quarter and the Temple of Literature, AIRA has polished rooms, a gorgeous rooftop pool and an excellent restaurant-bar. This is where I stayed on my first visit to Hanoi.

via Agoda

An up-scale hotel room at the Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Sofitel Legend. Photo courtesy of the property.

SPLURGE: Sofitel Legend Metropole (⭐ 9.2). Set inside a heritage 1901 colonial building in Hanoi’s French Quarter, this luxe resort-hotel has stately rooms, beautiful gardens and pools, and a legendary buffet breakfast.

via Agoda

A beautiful boutique hotel room in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Capella Hanoi. Photo courtesy of the property.

BOUTIQUE: Capella Hanoi (⭐ 9.8). Quite possibly the best designed hotel in Hanoi, Capella is located in a grand corner building in the heart of the Old Quarter. Every room features gorgeous heritage-style furnishings.

via Agoda

A large room with two twin beds at Hanoi Delica Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Hanoi Delica. Photo courtesy of the property.

MID-RANGE: Hanoi Delica (⭐ 9.0). A great choice for budget-conscious travellers and families alike, this Old Quarter hotel has tidy, comfortable rooms and a complimentary breakfast.

via Agoda

Dorm beds at Little Charm Hostel in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Little Charm Hostel. Photo courtesy of the property.

BUDGET: Little Charm Hanoi Hostel (⭐ 9.4). This popular hostel offers 4, 6 and 8-bed dormitories. The property has a pool and several accommodating shared spaces for socialising.

via Agoda

What are your favourite Hanoi souvenirs and Hanoi shops? Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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  1. I love the suggestions ^_^… I’ve been to Vietnam many times and even if i’m a minimalist, I still would like to buy gifts to people back home in my country.

  2. I’m heading to Hanoi this weekend and stumbled across your blog post. I am always looking for ethically-sourced/local made/fair trade souvenirs when I travel and your post hit the jackpot! I will be writing down all of the stores listed and will try to hit the majority of them. Thank you for posting!

    1. Thanks Tiffani! Please let me know how you go – I hope you find a few really special things to take home! Collective Memory in particular should be a paradise for you!

      I hope you have a great time in Hanoi!

  3. This is perfect timing. I’ll be in Hanoi in the next 3 months and I’m always looking for unique gifts. I really like the idea of Tohe Style and the idea of giving back. The T-shirts are cute and buying a gift that helps is great. Can’t go wrong with the chocolate and coffee edibles. Thanks for including a map!!

  4. I have been in Hanoi three years ago, but we were traveling with my friend for half a year so we tried not to buy any souvenirs. We spent most of our money on buying avocado smoothies 😀 But we bought each one awesome silk dress. Would love to come back to Hanoi. Despite its traffic madness I really loved the city!

    1. I know that feeling well, Radka! Smoothies are the perfect edible treat—if only you could have taken a few home with you! Thanks so much for your thoughts. I love crazy/beautiful Hanoi, too!

  5. Wow! This is a long list of souvenir shops. They all sell good stuff and made by locals. Kind of souvenirs stores I like to enter. I like t-shirts at Ginko and cute masks from Hanoia.

  6. “The ethos here is ‘anti-souvenir’: Everything sold is designed to be loved and integrated into your life back home—not just used once then thrown away.”

    Absolutely love that! At the end of the day keychains and magnets are unsustainable, waste of resources, and not something most would appreciate for more than a minute. The artwork and detailing on many of these souveniers is also stunning!

    1. Completely agree with you there, Jasmine! I hope more shops around the world take cue from this philosophy. I always find that friends and family better appreciate gifts made with heart, too.

  7. I love this guide so much! This is very handy. SO glad you focus on ethical shopping as well.

    Thank you so much for putting this together!

  8. Buying handmade souvenirs from local shops and artists is my fave! This post has got me itching to go to Hanoi; it looks like there is some really lovely stuff to be bought.

  9. I have long given up buying cheap magnets as souvenirs. I now like to buy things that I know I will continue to love for years and remind me of the city’s essence. These all look so cute. Huu La La’s hand-embroidered shirts are incredible!

    1. I completely agree with you, Viola. What’s the use of a souvenir if it’s not something you can use often and be reminded of that place and time? I love the embroidery, too!

  10. I LOVE THIS POST!!! A couple of years ago I spent a month cycling the length of Vietnam. At the end, I was looking for some authentic and meaningful souvenir that I could take home. I spent literal days scouring markets, art galleries, and shops for something special. In the end, I landed on a piece of laquerware artwork from a small gallery/shop in Ho Chi Minh City. I wish I’d seen this post beforehand!!! Thanks for this – a good excuse for me to return 🙂

    1. What an adventure! Laquerware is really popular—I picked up a few bowls the first time I was in Vietnam in 2012. You’d be astonished at the number of handmade and ethical souvenir shops that have opened up in the big cities in the last few years. I’m sure HCMC has some great new additions, too!

  11. Souvenir guides are some of my favourite posts! I love that you only included shops that have products that are not just going to end up in a junk pile. There are so many beautiful products here. The chocolate sounds amazing, I think I could have a whole suitcase of it.

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