Things to Do in Prizren, Kosovo: My Travel Guide & Video!

Planning a trip to Kosovo? Let my video guide be your inspiration! Here are the best things to do in Prizren, Kosovo's cultural capital.

My travel video and city guide for Kovoso’s cultural capital shows you all the best things to do in Prizren.

As much as we loved Prishtina, Kovoso’s hip capital, Prizren will always have a special place in our hearts. Kovoso’s ‘cultural capital’ is smaller in size, but boasts a wonderful selection of museums, galleries, shops and cultural attractions (and, of course, cafes).

More than that, Prizren has a special feel about it. It’s difficult to put into words, so I decided to make a video instead!

When you’re done watching, keep reading for all my Prizren recommendations and a handy Prizren map to help you plan your trip.

Watch my Prizren travel video!

Featured in this video: Things to do in Prizren

Here are my top recommendations for Prizren, Kosovo. Attractions featured in the video appear in italics.

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Top attractions & must-sees

  • Stone Bridge & waterfront | Prizren Bistrica, with its iconic stone bridge and cafe-lined waterfront, is the heart of Prizren. Known locally as Shadervani, this is the main restaurant and cafe area where locals come to eat, drink and be merry. We arrived in Prizren on a holiday and couldn’t believe how many people were out and about. The atmosphere on weekends is electric.
  • Shadervan Square & Fountain | Shadervan Square, with its marble fountain in the centre, is the perfect place for people-watching.
  • Sinan Pasha Mosque | Prizren’s largest mosque is centrally located adjacent to the main square. Visitors are welcome inside as long as prayers aren’t in session. The white-washed interior is understated but beautiful.
  • Prizren Fortress | Located on a hill overlooking Prizren, this 6th-century fortress complex is fun to explore on foot. The views from the top are breathtaking. Locals flock here for sunset.
  • Albanian League of Prizren Museum | Prizren’s best-known museum is dedicated to the political party that has traditionally advocated for the rights of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. The traditional house and grounds are beautiful; inside there’s a small display of costumes and an art gallery.
Prizren streets | Planning a trip to Kosovo? Let my video guide be your inspiration! Here are the best things to do in Prizren, Kosovo's cultural capital.
Streets of Prizren.

Lesser-visited spots

  • Our Lady of Ljevis | One of four religious sites that make up the UNESCO-listed Medieval Monuments in Kosovo complex, this church was all but ruined during riots in the city and is yet to be restored. Visits are by appointment only. We had a chance to visit all 4 of the sites in Kosovo – I plan to explore this church and the 3 monasteries in more detail in a future post.
  • Archaeological Museum & watchtower | This should be on tourists’ radar but most people seem to bypass it (it’s not on Google Maps, which doesn’t help). Prizren’s Archaeological Museum is housed in a 15th-century hamam (bathhouse) and features an interesting display of pottery and metallic objects salvaged from the area. The real highlight in the adjoining watchtower (this is supposedly the only example of a hamam-watchtower architectural hybrid in the Balkans!). From the top, you get an excellent aerial view of Our Lady of Ljevis.
  • Tregu i Gjelber | One of many green markets in Prizren, we liked the laid-back atmosphere and friendly stallholders here.
Filigree | Planning a trip to Kosovo? Let my video guide be your inspiration! Here are the best things to do in Prizren, Kosovo's cultural capital.
Silver filigree – one of Kosovo’s many traditional handicrafts.

Handicrafts & handmade

  • Filigran ShPK workshop | Kosovo has a long tradition of filigree silversmithing, and Prizren is the country’s official capital of filigree. Filigran ShPK is a small workshop where about a dozen master craftspeople and apprentices make intricate jewellery according to traditional techniques first inherited from the Ottomans. The co-op leader, Faik Bamja, welcomes tourists to visit and watch the process, which involves using a blowtorch to melt the silver fragments. It’s wonderful to watch – and if you’re lucky, one of the young apprentices will be there to explain things for you in English. Their products are sold all throughout Prizren, and you can buy items directly from the workshop.
  • Textile shops | There are a number of textile shops on Remzi Ademaj selling vintage fabrics and tablecloths as well as new outfits and traditional wedding attire. The particular shop we visited (marked on the map) has a sewing room out the back where you can watch the seamstresses at work.
  • Wedding shops | Traditional Albanian wedding attire, all gold thread and velvet, is a sight to behold. There are dozens of shops along Rruga Adem Jashari that specialise in handmade costumes.

Where to eat & drink in Prizren

  • Prince Coffee House | The Prizren branch of this wildly popular Kosovo coffee chain has outdoor seating and a beautifully decorated interior. Their Turkish coffee and macchiato (Kosovo’s coffee of choice) are both excellent; if it’s a hot day, opt for an iced coffee. An absolute icon – don’t leave Prizren without trying it!
  • ‘Fortress’ Bar | It doesn’t have a Google Maps listing and we didn’t catch the name, but this bar near Prizren Fortress has fantastic city views. It’s located right on the main path up from town – you can’t miss it.
  • Pashtriku | This was probably our most memorable meal in Prizren. We really loved the flija (traditional layered pie served in slices as a starter).
  • Alhambra (Te Syla) | A local favourite, this riverside restaurant serves the best Prizren-style qebapa (the Kosovar equivalent of cevapi) in town. We really loved the salads here as well.
Bread in Prizren | Planning a trip to Kosovo? Let my video guide be your inspiration! Here are the best things to do in Prizren, Kosovo's cultural capital.
Baking lepinja bread in Prizren. This little bakery is located on one of the back streets near the clock tower.
  • Gjelltore Rexha | A no-frills local grill joint that serves up qebapa, pljeskavica (meat patty) and other Balkans favourites with a side salad and bread. Very reasonably priced.
  • Besimi-Beska | Located on Prizren’s main square this place is always full to the brim. Again, qebapa, chicken fillet and other grilled meats are the favourites. You can’t go wrong with a mixed grill and shopska salad.
  • Sarajevo Burek | Located opposite the fountain on the main square, this tiny joint serves up the most delicious burek in Prizren. Wash it down with a glass of ayran drinking yogurt Sarajevo-style.
  • Fellas Coffee & Kitchen | One of Prizren’s newer cafe/bars, this is a nice place for an afternoon beer or cocktail. The Western food menu is good for bar snacks and they also offer daily budget deals (we had the burrito and pannacotta combo).
Window display in Prizren | Planning a trip to Kosovo? Let my video guide be your inspiration! Here are the best things to do in Prizren, Kosovo's cultural capital.
Window shopping in Prizren.

Where to stay in Prizren

Mid-range | We spent our 4 nights in Prizren at Hotel Denis. It’s located close to the bus station (handy if you’re arriving in Prizren late at night like we did), but still walking distance to the centre of town. It’s a brand new build, so everything is sparkling and fresh. Rooms are simple but tastefully decorated, and most come with a small balcony.

The thing that really sold Hotel Denis to us was the free breakfast included in the room rate. Served at the gorgeous cafe downstairs, we got to choose between an omelette and pancakes each morning. In our opinion, the baristas here make the best macchiato in Prizren (no small feat!). Staff are incredibly hospitable and helpful.

Budget | We had originally planned to stay at Driza’s House, but a booking clash meant that we couldn’t. This family run, hostel-style accommodation is set in a local home and receives high commendations from other travellers.

Boutique | There are a few boutique and luxury hotels to choose from in Prizren. Hotel Tiffany is located in the centre of town and also features an on-site restaurant.

Looking for a place to stay in Prishtina? Check out my round-up of designer (budget-friendly) Airbnbs in the city.

Prizren map

All the sights, restaurants and hotels mentioned in this post mapped out for your convenience.

Getting to & from Prizren

From Prishtina | There are bus connections between Prizren and Prishtina at least every hour. Travel time is between 1.5 and 2 hours. Check up-to-date times and fare information here.

If you’re heading to Prishtina next, don’t forget to check out my culture-filled, caffeine-fueled city guide to Kosovo’s capital!

From elsewhere in Kosovo | Bus travel within Kosovo is cheap and straightforward. We travelled to Peja (Pec) from Prizren (travel time: 2 hours), paying 2.5 Euros each.

From Montenegro | Since it can be problematic to enter Kosovo directly from Serbia, most people choose to transit through a bordering country. After a lot of research, we decided to enter Kosovo via Montenegro and arrived in Prizren from the beach town of Ulcinj. Ulcinj is a favourite holiday spot for Kosovars, so regular buses ply the route (in summer, at least). The route goes through Albania via a new highway, making the trip relatively fast and easy. Travel time is approximately 5 hours (including border crossings), and the fare was 17.5 Euros ($19) when we travelled.

Check up-to-date bus times and fare information for Ulcinj to Prizren here.

Prizren at sunset | Planning a trip to Kosovo? Let my video guide be your inspiration! Here are the best things to do in Prizren, Kosovo's cultural capital.
Prizren at sunset.

Prizren tours

Prefer to visit Prizren with a guide? This private tour departing Skopje, North Macedonia includes a visit to both Prizren and Prishtina. Perfect for a whirlwind introduction to Kosovo’s two biggest cities.

If you plan to travel between North Macedonia and Albania and want to see Kosovo on the way, this private taxi transfer between Skopje and Tirana features a stopover in Prizren to break the journey.

Have you been to Prizren? What are your favourite things to do in Kosovo?

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