It’s getting easier and easier to plan a trip to Georgia. But intercity transport can still be tricky to figure out.

With only a few coach buses for specific routes and limited train services, most travellers who aren’t self-driving choose to get around the country using marshrutka vans (routed minivan taxis).

Marshrutka vans serve their purpose – however, they’re not always comfortable nor convenient. It’s not exactly pleasurable to sit in a cramped minivan with 13 other people for hours on end, especially during summer!

Shared taxis are easy to organise for popular routes such as Tbilisi to Sighnaghi or Tbilisi to Kazbegi, but it can be a complicated and confusing process to hire a taxi to take you elsewhere, especially if you don’t speak Georgian or Russian.

Sadly, a lot of travellers get taken advantage of and overcharged for private transfers.

A long road lined with trees, with mountains in the backdrop.
On the road in Georgia.

GoTrip Georgia is a great start-up that offers a unique solution. Their platform makes it easy for travellers to hire a private car and driver for intercity transfers and multi-stop itineraries anywhere in Georgia.

You get all the perks of a road trip (including unlimited photo stops) without the hassle of having to navigate the roads yourself. Other advantages include the ability to book online, and fixed prices that are set in stone in advance.

After hearing so many positive reports from other travellers, I decided to try GoTrip Georgia for myself and put together a review based on my personal experience.

Three years after publishing this, I’ve used the service on countless other occasions and am always impressed with GoTrip’s professionalism and attention to detail.

GoTrip is one of my favourite travel companies in Georgia. I recommend it to friends and other travellers all the time – in fact, using GoTrip is one of my top tips for Georgia.

This short guide and review explains exactly how GoTrip works. I hope you find it a useful resource when deciding how to move around Georgia on your next trip.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you make a purchase by clicking a link (at no extra cost to you). Learn more.

Transparency: This review was originally created in partnership with GoTrip, who hosted my transfer from Tbilisi to Kazbegi in 2020. I have since used GoTrip dozens of times and always pay my own way. As always, all opinions and recommendations are 100% my own.

A white car on a mountain road in Georgia.
Our GoTrip car.

What is GoTrip and how does it work? is essentially a ride sharing platform for cross-country journeys. Think of it as a long-distance Uber: You set the itinerary based on your needs, and you get a car and professional driver.

It’s designed specifically for tourists and expats, and it’s perfect for long trips between Tbilisi and Kazbegi, Batumi or Kutaisi for example. It works all over the country, and you can even get a car to take you over the border into Armenia.

GoTrip itself is an intermediary that works by linking passengers with freelance drivers. Much like Uber, Bolt and other ride hailing apps, there is an extra layer of security that comes with using a third-party platform.

Everything is done online through an easy-to-use website. Prices quoted are for the whole car (not per person), and fares are fixed in advance so you know exactly how much it’s going to cost.

In summer 2023, GoTrip introduced multi-day transfers, meaning you can hire a driver to stay with you for two, three, four or more days.

What’s so good about GoTrip?

The best thing about GoTrip is the ability to plan an affordable private transfer without having to negotiate a taxi fare. Comfortable vehicles, friendly drivers and a higher standard of road safety are all major pluses.

This is not just my opinion: GoTrip has tons of five-star reviews on Trip Advisor. Every driver on the platform has their own star rating and reviews, too – so you can choose someone with a great reputation.

Here are some of the benefits of using GoTrip to get around Georgia.

Plan your precise route in advance

GoTrip is great for straightforward A to B transfers. But you can also use it for multi-stop itineraries, day trips, and multi-day trips. At the time of booking, you add in any cities, towns, villages or nature spots you’re interested in seeing along your route.

To incorporate extra stops, you simply add in more places to the Trip Planner, pictured below.

GoTrip Georgia, website for booking transfers in Georgia country.
The GoTrip Trip Planner.

For example: If you need to travel from Tbilisi to Batumi and you’re not in a rush, then you could add in stops in Gori, Kutaisi and Shekvetili along the way.

If you’re unsure about where to stop, GoTrip offers a few pre-designed itineraries that start and finish in Tbilisi.

If you want to stop somewhere that doesn’t appear in the GoTrip system, just add the location to the notes section. This way your driver can check the address ahead of time. Or you can contact GoTrip and ask them to add your destination to their system.

When visiting Kakheti wine region, you can even ask your driver to phone ahead to ensure the winery is going to be open. Just pop a link with the phone number in the notes section.

Transfers can be one-way or round-trip depending on your needs. You don’t have to start in Tbilisi, either – GoTrip works all over the country. The pick-up address you specify at the time of booking can be wherever you like (a hotel, an airport, a train station, etc.). At the end of the trip, you get dropped off directly at your next hotel or wherever you need to be.

Drivers are available 24 hours and pick up times are completely flexible. You can even use GoTrip for airport transfers. Some friends of ours recently used the service when their flight arrived in Tbilisi at 3am.

Unlimited stops along the way

Spot a great photo opportunity on the side of the highway? Need to stretch your legs or use the bathroom? Peckish for a churchkhela? No problem, just ask your driver to pull over.

With GoTrip, you can make unlimited extra stops (for as long as you like) along the way for no extra charge. The only condition is that you have to complete your trip within 24 hours of the pick-up time when booking a single-day transfer.

Fixed fares & cash payment

GoTrip is similar to a taxi in that you pay per vehicle, not per person. The price of the journey is displayed on the website at the time of booking and it will never change – so you know exactly what you owe the driver before you get in the car.

On average, fares are 40% lower when booked through GoTrip compared to organising a car and driver elsewhere.

You pay the driver directly in cash after the trip is completed. If you don’t have lari on you, your driver will take you to the nearest ATM or exchange kiosk free of charge.

A car with a sticker on the bag windshield that says GoTrip.
Most GoTrip cars have this sticker on the back windshield so you can easily recognise them.

Local drivers

GoTrip works exclusively with local drivers, most of whom have years of experience under their belts. This is a boost of confidence for road safety (more on that later) and great for supporting the local economy – but it also means a unique opportunity to meet a local and pick their brains.

GoTrip drivers aren’t tour guides, but most will offer commentary along the way. If you have questions, your driver is there to answer them. Or you could just chat about everyday stuff. Every driver I’ve had has been exceedingly friendly and warm.

GoTrip doesn’t automatically match you to a driver; instead, you can choose whoever you want to travel with from the list of available drivers. This means you can request a driver who speaks your language.

My review of GoTrip Georgia – the easiest online service for hiring a car and private driver in Georgia.
Comparing different GoTrip drivers and cars.

Another bonus is that all GoTrip drivers are reviewed and rated by other travellers, so you can vet them in advance. Some of them have hundreds of reviews.

When you reach the screen above, just select the driver’s name to bring up a detailed profile page with previous customer reviews. In our experience, drivers are always extremely professional, polite, and punctual.

Once your ride is over, GoTrip will send you an email with a link to review your driver.

My review of GoTrip Georgia – the easiest online service for hiring a car and private driver in Georgia.
Example of a GoTrip driver profile page.

Quality cars & high road safety standards

As well as seeing a profile of the driver, you can also view a picture of the car before you book. All vehicles are required to be clean, comfortable and well-maintained with working seat belts.

Depending on the size of your group, GoTrip offers sedans and minivans. For winter, there are off-road cars and cars with snow tires available for travelling in the mountains (e.g. to Mestia). Lots of drivers use fuel efficient vehicles so if this is something that’s important to you, you can choose to travel by hybrid car.

Unlike marshrutka vans where luggage space is limited, with GoTrip, you have the whole car to yourself. This makes it so much easier to travel with large bags and bulky items (even skis). If you have heavy luggage, there’s an option to notify your driver in advance and they will help you carry your things to the car.

Drivers are required to abide by local road rules and observe the highest standards of road safety – a welcome change from freewheeling marshrutka drivers. GoTrip provides training workshops for its drivers in this area and has a strict one-strike-you’re-out policy, where a single violation results in a permanent ban from the platform.

There’s strictly no smoking in the cars, all vehicles have AC and are fitted with seat belts, and they even provide child safety seats free of charge.

Last minute bookings & free cancellation

If you decide to do some travelling on the spur of the moment or you find yourself in a pickle with no public transport options, then you can book a GoTrip driver for the same day.

GoTrip drivers live all over the country, so there’s a guarantee that you can get a ride with just a few hours advance notice.

Once I found myself at Kutaisi Airport late at night and I couldn’t get a taxi. So, I booked a GoTrip driver. He was there within 45 minutes.

Similarly, if plans change you can cancel at any point with no penalty.

Tip: If you book a driver late at night or early in the morning (Georgia time) when people are sleeping, you might have to wait a bit longer for confirmation. If you’re making a reservation from home, always provide your Whatsapp number so the driver can still contact you when you arrive in Georgia.

Screenshot of GoTrip Georgia website.
Example of a GoTrip booking confirmation. This email contains all the info you need for your trip.

Areas where GoTrip could improve

Compared to other forms of transport in Georgia, GoTrip wins out in terms of safety, comfort, convenience and price. There are a couple of areas where I think the service could improve.

Because GoTrip is just an intermediary, once you’ve connected with a driver, it’s up to you to stay in touch. This means that the driver will usually make direct contact (over email, phone or Whatsapp using the number you provide). While this wasn’t at all a problem for me, other people might feel more comfortable communicating via the platform. An app with messaging capability would be a great future addition.

If there’s ever an issue with your booking – for example if you can’t get in touch with your driver directly – you can always contact GoTrip by phone or messaging app. They also have a live chat box on the website.

Like Bolt and other ride hailing apps, GoTrip now displays the make, colour and numberplate of your car on the booking page. This is a handy development as it makes it even easier to rendezvous with your driver.

An option to pay online in advance would also be good for anyone who doesn’t want to carry cash. Some drivers accept payment via direct transfer, but you need a Georgian bank account in order to do that.

GoTrip FAQs

Here are my answers to some of the questions I get asked most frequently.

Is GoTrip reliable?

Yes, GoTrip is very reliable. I am speaking from personal experience here – I use GoTrip regularly, at least once a month.

I have used them for late night airport transfers, for sightseeing with my dad when he came to Georgia to visit me, and for solo trips. My husband and I always them for short transfers when we want to go away for a long weekend.

I recommend GoTrip to everyone I plan a custom itinerary for, and I have never received any negative feedback.

Is GoTrip safe for solo female travellers?

People often ask me if it’s safe to use GoTrip as a solo female traveller. My answer is a resounding yes. I have personally used GoTrip alone on numerous occasions.

GoTrip drivers are professional and held to a high standard. To be on the platform, they have to meet certain criteria and participate in various trainings. If a driver breaks the company’s rules, they get banned from the platform permanently. Most drivers have a ton of reviews, so you can see what other people have said about them in the past.

The one area where I think GoTrip could improve in this respect has to do with communication. For anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable giving their phone number to a stranger, it would be preferable to communicate via the platform.

I would also love to see some female drivers on the platform! Women drivers are not at all common in Georgia, but there is definitely room for an all-female service.

It goes without saying that you still need to exercise common-sense around safety, no matter if you’re a solo female traveller or not. I usually sit in the back of the car, which is standard etiquette for using taxis in Georgia. If you don’t want your driver to know the exact address where you’re staying, ask to get dropped off at a nearby cafe instead.

What is included in the price?

The price quoted on GoTrip is inclusive of everything: The car, fuel, the driver’s fee, and any other expenses they might incur.

The great thing about GoTrip is that the price will never go up – what you see at the time of booking is what you get.

What happens to the driver after my trip ends?

If you have booked a one-way transfer, your driver probably return to your pick-up point on the same day. If it’s very late, they might choose to stay the night.

This depends on where they are based: I have had many transfers where a Tbilisi-based driver came across to Kutaisi first thing in the morning then drove me to Tbilisi and returned home in the evening.

The driver’s cost of accommodation, cost to return to their homebase, and any other expenses is all factored into the price. You don’t have to worry about this.

Should I trip my driver?

Tipping is not mandatory, but it is appreciated. I normally tip my driver 10%. If you have a long day together, you might like to offer to buy your driver lunch or dinner.

Can I book the same driver for multiple days?

Yes! In 2023 GoTrip introduced a multi-day transfer option, meaning you can arrange a multi-day itinerary with the same driver through the platform. This depends on the driver’s availability, so I do recommend booking multi-day trips further in advance than 24-hour transfers (at least 2 weeks out or longer if you’re travelling in summer).

For overnight trips, the driver will take care of their own accommodation and food.

Our experience using GoTrip to travel to Kazbegi

Eager to try GoTrip for myself, I organised a car to take Ross and I from Tbilisi to Kazbegi.

A week before our trip, we planned our route with several stopovers along the Georgian Military Road. We chose a restaurant for lunch, but in the end, our driver, Otar, suggested a much better alternative. It was great to have his expertise on-hand along the way. We even made a few extra stops based on his recommendations.

Seconds after I confirmed my booking, I received a booking confirmation from GoTrip and a personal email from the driver to re-confirm. He gave me his phone number, and we then connected over WhatsApp.

The day before the drive, I received a travel reminder from GoTrip. On the day of our transfer, Otar arrived at our place in his Toyota Prius 30 minutes ahead of schedule. (I later learned that this is a GoTrip policy – they suggest drivers arrive 20-30 minutes early for pick up, and in my experience they always do.) We were ready, so we headed off early.

On the way out of Tbilisi we discussed our itinerary again and made a plan. On the way to our first stop, we chatted about life, Georgian history and culture – a soundtrack of traditional music playing in the background. Otar even provided bottled water for us in the car.

A long mountain road leading to a church.
The road to Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi.

Whenever we made a stop, he always locked the car so we felt comfortable leaving our luggage in the boot. We felt very safe throughout the trip – it was a nice change to be with a driver who actually observes the speed limit and stops for pedestrians.

Throughout the day, Otar acted as our unofficial tour guide, accompanying us into monasteries and explaining everything in great detail. We felt very lucky to have such a kind and knowledgeable travel companion.

We ate lunch together (our shout) and chatted some more before arriving at our final destination in Kazbegi. We went straight to our hotel and bid Otar farewell and a safe trip for his drive back to the city.

Gratuities are not mandatory with GoTrip, but they do suggest tipping 10% if you’re happy with the service.

Tbilisi to Kazbegi travel video

I made a short video about the drive from Tbilisi to Kazbegi with GoTrip. Check out the scenery below!

GoTrip Georgia: Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to get around Georgia that’s fast, affordable and reliable, GoTrip really is the best choice. I’ve travelled all over the country using every means of transport imaginable and can honestly say I’ve never had a more comfortable or enjoyable transit experience.

There will always be a place in my heart for intrepid marshrutka rides and slow travelling by train! But I do plan to keep using GoTrip in the future for as long as I’m living in Georgia, and I’ll definitely be recommending it to friends who visit the region.

Find more information about GoTrip Georgia and start planning your trip here.

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My review of GoTrip Georgia – the easiest online service for hiring a car and private driver in Georgia.


  1. Hi Emily,
    I am travelling to Batumi with a group of people. There are 10 of us and our flight arrives at around 9PM. Would you recommend booking drivers on Gotrip to get us from the airport to the hotel? And can you book several drivers/cars on GoTrip?

    1. Hi Hannalee, yes that could be a fine option. You can look to see if there are vans available to seat 10 passengers, otherwise you can simply make multiple bookings with different drivers. Safe travels!

  2. Thank you for this webpage, full of useful and up-to-day info. I found it while looking for Kutaisi airport transfer options and it’s really well-described. Now exploring your other texts.

  3. Hi Emily, regarding, after placing the stops during the booking, is there any time limit set at each of the stopover (eg, 1hr maximum at each stop)? also is there any overall time limit for the whole journey .
    Thank you

  4. Hi Emily, thanks for you lovely blog, it’s been so helpful! We are doing a day trip tomorrow with Gotrip and would like to have lunch somewhere along the way. Is it advised to also pay lunch for the driver or not?

    1. Hello Kristina, thanks for your comment! I always offer, yes – usually they refuse. But I think it’s a nice gesture and always appreciated.

      Have a wonderful trip!

  5. Hi Emily,
    I’ve been reading a lot on your blog posts and they have been really helpful, thanks! I am planning to go from Telavi to Yerevan in Armenia. It’s about a 6.5 hour drive, does GoTrip do cross border trips? Or would you recommend renting a car and driving?

    1. Hi Maggie – yes, GoTrip does do cross-border trips into Armenia. It’s a great option for sightseeing along the way (the UNESCO monasteries in the north are fabulous). The road is not the best in parts so it is nice to go with an experienced driver. I will be doing this myself in May. Safe travels!

  6. Hi Emily,
    What a great web-site I just found; Awesome stuff, props to you!

    I’m from Kazakhstan, been living for 5 years in the US and recently moved to Georgia.

  7. Hi Emily,

    Great information on your site. I have a specific question regarding Go Trip. When you enter the destination details, there is a Language option. If you select Any, it will return all Russian for the most part. If you select English, the prices are a bit higher. In some cases a lot higher. I don’t need a guide but need to communicate to the driver as far as how much time we want to spend, if we want to stop for lunch, and just basic transactional stuff. Do you know if you select Russian, does the driver understand absolutely no English whatsoever? If we can, we would like to save some money.


    1. Hi Lorraine – I often travel with drivers who do not list English as one of their languages. Most of the time they speak a bit of English anyway, they are just not confident enough to put it in their profile. Google Translate also works wonders. These drivers are used to English-speaking tourists – you will get by with absolutely no issues.

  8. Hi Emily, Thanks for writing up this article!
    Doesn’t GoTrip have a mobile app? I’ve searched but found only one for drivers, not for riders.
    How can we use GoTrip when we’re out there? For example, at an airport or train station or remote park? Do we need to open up a website?

    1. Hi Dana – they don’t have an app yet, you need to use your web browser. The website is mobile friendly, I’ve done it a few times, so it shouldn’t be too tricky to navigate I hope!

  9. Hi Emily!
    So can I go from Tbilisi to Borjomi and put the luggage in the hotel then go to Bakuriani with 4 hours stay, and go back again to Borjomi and stop at different places like Borjomi central park then Borjomi Musem then go to a restaurant, after that go back to the hotel.
    All this in the same itinerary?

    Or that all stops should be on the same route only?


    1. Hi Miro – just make Borjomi your final destination and make sure you mention in the notes that you want to spend that amount of time in Bakuriani. Borjomi Central Park, museum and restaurants are all within walking distance so I would skip those and just walk!

  10. Hi, thanks for the great article, this sounds ideal.

    You say that you have 24-hours to complete any trip. When I put in my itinerary, it says driving time is 2 hours 45 minutes. Are you saying that at the stops you can stay (for example) a couple of hours at no extra charge while the driver waits?

    Thanks, and thank you also for all the helpful information on the site.


    1. Hi Barry, yes that’s correct. If you plan to stay somewhere for a very long time then I suggest leaving a note for the driver when you book. Otherwise you can stop whenever you like.

      Safe travels!

  11. Hi Emily! what a lovely site you have. I have been to Georgia twice earlier, and by reading through your site, I feel there is so much more to do and see.
    I am a woman, and will be travelling solo – is GoTrip safe for me? What do you suggest?
    If it is, the avenues for me to really explore the country will open up. I plan to visit around 8/9th Oct. Please share your suggestions, it would mean a lot to hear your opinion.

  12. Hi Emily,
    Thank you so much for all of your good information on Georgia! We will be there for three weeks in September. I know you recommend GoTrips for Kakheti, but I am wondering if you could recommend a car with a guide, a driver who would know the wineries well. Also, can you recommend a good basic (free) Georgian language tutorial?
    Thank you again for all of the excellent tips!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Wonderful! September in Kakheti is lovely. I have recently started working with a small company that runs tours in Kakheti – they have great drivers and knowledgable local guides. They also focus on smaller family wineries. They can customise a day or overnight itinerary for you depending on your needs.

      Here is an affiliate link to make a booking – this will get you a 5% discount if you do decide to book:

      In terms of Georgian language, I have a few recommendations listed on this page. I recommend the YouTube tutorials:

  13. Hi dear, i am visting with 2 more adults and twins 5 years. U think normal sidan ia enough for us. Also can i take 2 trips in one day, the kazebegi and matskheta together

  14. Hello, thanks for all the wonderful information. I wanted to know if we hire a driver on GoTrip and we don’t take our private rental car how will get around for 5 days in Kazbegi. We want to drive to all the villages close by and hike. What are your suggestions please

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