Comprehensive Kutaisi Batumi transport guide for 2021, with timetables, ticket prices and helpful tips.

Kutaisi Batumi is one of the most frequently travelled routes in Georgia.

Whether you’re arriving/departing from David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport or you’re just touring around the country, Kutaisi is a convenient place to stop between the capital and the Black Sea coast.

There are multiple ways to move between the two cities depending on your budget, timeframe, and tolerance for bumpy roads! I’ve travelled this route more times than I can count, and now that I live in Kutaisi, I’ve figured out the best transport options available.

Inside this guide, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the different transport methods including timetables and ticket prices, map pinpoints for all the relevant stations, ideas for where to stop along the way, and other insider tips.

Kutaisi to Batumi, Georgia transport guide graphic.

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Distance from Kutaisi to Batumi

Batumi is located south-west of Kutaisi. The distance from Kutaisi to Batumi is roughly 160 kilometres (99 miles).

Kutaisi to Batumi travel time

The fastest way to travel between Kutaisi and Batumi is by road (E60 & E70 Highways). This takes between 2.5-3.5 hours on average depending on the type of vehicle you use and traffic conditions.

Private transfer is the quickest option, taking as little as 2 hours and 40 minutes.

There are no direct trains or flights from Kutaisi to Tbilisi.

How to travel from Kutaisi to Batumi: Transport overview

Travellers have 5 options: Private transfer, Georgian Bus (coach), marshrutka van, taxi + train, or self-drive.

If you’re only going for a day, it’s also possible to join a guided excursion to Batumi from Kutaisi – see here for details.

In the next section, I’ll explore each option (and its pros and cons) in detail. Here is a quick overview:



  • 24/7 on demand
  • 2.75 hrs travel time
  • From 60 USD/car



  • 3-6 services daily
  • 2+ hrs travel time
  • From 15 GEL/person



  • 13 services daily
  • 3+ hours
  • From 10 GEL/person

[Buy tickets at the station]



  • 1 train service daily
  • 4+ hrs travel time
  • From ~35 GEL/person



  • On demand
  • 3.5+ hrs travel time
  • From 35 USD/day

Option 1: Private transfer from Kutaisi to Batumi

If you’re looking for a fast and fuss-free way to travel between Kutaisi and Batumi and you don’t mind paying a little bit more for extra comfort and convenience, then a private transfer with is your best option. It’s possible to reach Batumi in as little as 2 hours and 40 minutes when travelling by car.

GoTrip is a platform that matches travellers with freelance drivers for intercity trips (sort of like a long-distance Uber). In this guide, I discuss the pros and cons in detail.

As well as observing good road safety standards and only using quality cars with AC and seat belts, another advantage of GoTrip is that you can make unlimited rest and photo stops during your journey. Or you can use the GoTrip Trip Planner to build a multi-stop itinerary and do you Black Sea sightseeing at the same time. Later, I’ll run through some of my favourite places to stop on the way.

You can start your trip from any address: If you’re flying into Kutaisi, the driver can meet you at the airport or you can get picked up from your hotel.

Prices start from 60 USD per car. Fares are completely transparent and once you book, the price is fixed and won’t change. Pay in cash directly to the driver when you arrive in Batumi.

Book a private transfer to Batumi here on GoTrip.

Option 2: Kutaisi Batumi bus

If your Georgia itinerary starts at Kutaisi Airport and you want to go directly to the coast, Georgian Bus operates direct transfers to Batumi.

Note: Coach buses originate at the airport west of Kutaisi, so it’s not possible to board these buses in Kutaisi city. You could take a taxi or marshrutka to the airport and meet the bus there.

Georgian Buses are large 56-seater coaches with plenty of underneath luggage storage and a toilet on board. Soft seats are comfortable, and in my experience the buses are very clean. Free WIFI and bottled water is available.

The journey time to Batumi averages 2 hours.

Bus schedule & ticket prices

Buses are timed to depart when flights land at the airport. The bus leaves approximately an hour after the scheduled arrival time – so if your plane gets into Kutaisi at 5am, the bus will depart at 6am. Because this is effectively an airport bus, the driver will wait if the flight is delayed.

Tickets cost 15 GEL for an adult or 7.5 GEL for a child under 10 years. Round-trip tickets are discounted at 27 GEL. You can bring large suitcases on board for free, while transporting a bicycle costs an extra 20 GEL.

Georgian Bus also offers direct transfers from Kutaisi Airport to Tbilisi.

How to buy tickets

Use the Georgian Bus website to buy your tickets in advance (sales open 10 weeks or so out). Use your flight number and date to reserve, then enter your name and phone number. You can pay using a debit or credit card. The voucher will then be sent to you via email.

Alternatively, you can buy a ticket with cash or card when you land in Kutaisi. Just head to the Georgian Bus kiosk in the airport arrivals hall. There are ATMs nearby in case you need to withdraw GEL.

Departing from Kutaisi Airport

Kutaisi Airport is quite small so you won’t have any trouble locating the bus. Once you pass through immigration, exit out the main doors. Buses wait right out front and are clearly marked. Just make sure you board the right one! If in doubt, ask staff at the Georgian Bus kiosk.

Arriving in Batumi

In Batumi, buses terminate outside the Radisson Blu hotel, which is centrally located on the boulevard (see the exact location here). You might be able to walk to your accommodation from here or you can book a taxi using the Bolt app. If it’s very early or very late at night, you might want to consider pre-organising a transfer through your accommodation.

Reverse route: Batumi to Kutaisi Airport bus

Buses back to Kutaisi Airport from Batumi are similarly timed to leave in-line with the flight schedule. It’s recommended to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours early. So if your flight takes off from Kutaisi at 6.30pm for example, the bus will depart from Batumi at 1.30pm (2 hours of travel + 3-hour buffer).

Coaches leave from the same spot outside the Radisson Blu.

Option 3: Kutaisi to Batumi marshrutka van

Marshrutka vans (fixed-route minivans) are a budget-friendly way to get around Georgia. They’re not the most comfortable way to travel, and road safety standards are not always great. However, because this trip is fairly quick and painless, I think marshrutka is a fine way to travel from Kutaisi to the Black Sea.

Journey time is roughly 3 hours depending on traffic and how many stops the driver makes.

Kutaisi Batumi marshrutka schedule & fares

Vans are scheduled to depart Kutaisi once an hour between 8am-3pm, then again at 3.40pm, 4.20pm, 5pm, 5.40pm and 6.20pm. I strongly advise against travelling after dark. In summer, the latest you would want to depart is 5.40pm.

Vans leave when full, so you need to arrive at the station at least 20-30 minutes early to make sure you get a seat.

The fare is 10 GEL (cash only) and can either be paid to the cashier at the ticket desk ‘Box Office N1’, or directly to the driver.

Tip: There have been reports of staff trying to charge foreigners 15 GEL for this trip. I have never encountered this practice myself. If a driver tries to overcharge you, it’s best to get out and wait for the next van.

Departing from Kutaisi

Marshrutka vans leave from Kutaisi’s Central Bus Station near McDonalds and Grand Mall shopping centre (4.5km from the Colchis Fountain). See the exact location here.

To get to the bus station from the centre, take city bus #1 from the Colchis Fountain (40 tetri; see here for bus stop locations). Alternatively, a Bolt taxi should cost no more than 5 GEL.

When you arrive, someone will likely approach you and help you find the spot where vans wait. Look out for the blue sign for Box Office N1.

Tip: If you’re coming straight from Kutaisi Airport, you can usually pick up a Batumi marshrutka from the side of the highway opposite the terminal. If it’s busy, there’s a chance that passing vans will be full and won’t stop for you.

Arriving in Batumi

In Batum, marshrutka vans terminate at Batumi Intercity Bus Station, 2.5km east of the boulevard. See the exact location here.

You will likely be swarmed by taxi drivers as soon as you arrive. Politely decline their offers and walk away – it’s much better to either jump on a city bus from outside Batumi Plaza, or to walk a little way down the road and order a Bolt taxi. It should cost approximately 4-6 GEL to get to the Old Town area or boulevard.

Return trip: Batumi to Kutaisi marshrutka

Marshrutka vans to Kutaisi from Batumi operate on a similar schedule, departing the Intercity Bus Station every hour or so from 8am. Travel time and ticket prices are the same. In Kutaisi, vans terminate at the Central Bus Station.

Option 4: Kutaisi Batumi train

There is no direct train from Kutaisi to Batumi. If you’re set on travelling by rail, it’s possible – but it takes some maneuvering (and times are not terribly convenient).

First, you need to take a taxi from the centre of Kutaisi to Rioni Railway Station (15-20 minutes; 10 GEL when booked through Bolt). There is one daily train – the Tbilisi Poti train – that stops at Rioni at 9.33pm. Tickets cost 12 GEL for a seat in second class and can be booked via the website or app.

After 2 hours travel time, the train terminates at Poti on the Black Sea coast. Poti is 75km north of Batumi (around 1.5 hours by car), so from here you’ll need to take either a marshrutka or a GoTrip car the rest of the way.

It’s best to avoid travelling on the road after dark (and there are no marshrutka services that late anyway). So the better option is to spend a night in Poti, visit the lighthouse and the newly UNESCO-Listed Kolkheti National Park the next morning, then continue down to Batumi.

Option 5: Driving from Kutaisi to Batumi

Hiring a car in Kutaisi and driving to the coast is a great option for complete flexibility. I did this drive recently and enjoyed it. The roads are good and there are plenty of places to stop along the coast – see my suggestions in the next section.

Hiring a car in Kutaisi

I always use My Rent A Car to find rentals in Georgia. The platform works with local agents, thus prices are much more affordable than if you use a big-name brand. Insurance is often included and there’s usually no deposit required. If you want to drop off your car in Batumi, you’ll need to pay a one-way fee (usually 30-50 USD).

My Rent A Car offers pick up from Kutaisi Airport or from any address in the city.

Check prices here on the My Rent A Car website.

Be sure to brush up on my advice for driving in Georgia before you set off.

Kutaisi Batumi FAQ

What is the easiest way to travel from Kutaisi Airport to Batumi?

Remember that Kutaisi Airport is west of the city, so you can travel directly to the coast without having to double back through Kutaisi.

A direct coach with Georgian Bus is the best option. Alternatively, you can organise a private transfer with GoTrip (your driver will meet you in the arrivals hall).

What is the road from Kutaisi to Batumi like?

There are several roads you can take to get to the Black Sea coast from Kutaisi: The E60 Highway to Poti; the E692 to Grigoleti; and the old highway to Kobuleti. The former two highways are a lot faster, while the third road is windy but very scenic, taking you deep into Guria region.

Most drivers will take either the E60 or the E692. I recently drove the E692 – it’s pretty flat and straight the entire way. In summer there were extensive roadworks on the old highway through Guria, making it very slow going.

When you reach the coast, you connect to the E70 to go all the way down to Batumi. I recommend following the shoreline and passing through the different beach towns.

As you approach Batumi there are several tunnels. The traffic starts to build fairly quickly as you pass the railway station. Driving through the centre of Batumi is quite hair-raising, so I recommend avoiding it if you can!

Where to stop on the way from Kutaisi to Batumi?

Poti & Kolkheti National Park

For the Poti Lighthouse, the Kolkheti culture museum and Kolkheti National Park.

Ozurgeti & Guria region

If you’re taking the old highway through Guria, there are lots of places to stop along the way, including Ozurgeti (the main city), Shemokmedi, the tea fields in Asureti, and Shekvetili on the coast. I recently road tripped around this part of Georgia and shared my itinerary here.

Black-sand beaches at Ureki, Shekvetili & Kobuleti

The beaches on the northern end of the coast are much nicer than the ones in the centre of Batumi. Kobuleti is a very popular resort town with lots of restaurants (my favourite is Taraghana Fish). Depending on the season, you might like to stop for a swim on the black sand ‘magnetic beaches’ in Ureki and Shekvetili. I am a big of of the Miniatures Museum in Shekvetili too.

Tsikhisdziri Hidden Beach & Petra Fortress

Tsikhisdziri Hidden Beach is a popular local swimming hole. This summer, a new restaurant-bar, Shukura, opened up and a wooden swimmers deck was installed. Petra Fortress is nearby and also worth stopping off for a walk around.

Batumi Botanical Garden

As you approach Batumi city from the north, you’ll pass right by the Botanical Garden. It’s one of my favourite things to do in Batumi and worth the detour for. Budget around 2-3 hours to see the whole garden.

Should you spend a night in Kutaisi before leaving for Batumi?

Yes! Kutaisi is my favourite city in Georgia so I definitely think you should spend a few days here before you take off for the coast.

Use these guides to plan your visit to Kutaisi:

Use these guides to plan your visit to Batumi:

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