Planning a trip to see Gergeti Trinity Church and wondering where to stay in Kazbegi? Use this hand-picked list of the best Kazbegi hotels, guesthouses and self-contained cabins to find something you love.

Home to some of the region’s most spectacular scenery, easy hiking trails and incredible alpine monasteries – all under 4 hours’ drive from Tbilisi – Kazbegi is a must-see in Georgia.

Though it’s possible to visit Kazbegi as a long day trip from the capital, it’s far from ideal. I recommend you carve a couple of days out of your Georgia itinerary and set yourself up in a nice Kazbegi hotel to enjoy the mountain views, fresh air, and more delicious mountain fare than you could possibly handle.

Adventure along the Georgian Military Highway, visit the area’s curious more attractions such as the Stone Heads in Sno, do the unforgettable hike up to Gergeti Trinity Church – and set aside a big chunk of time to just relax.

Where to stay in Kazbegi - three wicker chairs face mountain views on the outdoor deck at Rooms Hotel.
Rooms is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Kazbegi. The same owners have multiple properties in Tbilisi.

Kazbegi has soared in popularity in recent years, which has led to a proliferation of accommodation options. There’s something for every budget and style, ranging from no-frills guesthouses all the way through to luxurious self-contained cabins and suites at Georgia’s most iconic boutique hotel, Rooms Kazbegi.

Based on my multiple visits to Kazbegi, this guide lists my favourite accommodations. I’ll also share my advice on which part of town to stay in and other essential tips.

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In a rush? Here are quick links to my top overall recommendations.

Kazbegi accommodation essentials

Is it Kazbegi or Stepantsminda?

First things first – is it Kazbegi or Stepantsminda? The names tend to get used interchangeably which can be confusing. The official name of the townlet is Stepantsminda, and this is how you’ll see it referred to on maps. In practice though most people refer to the town (and the surrounding area) by its old name, Kazbegi.

For simplicity’s sake, I use the same name most Georgians do.

How long should you spend in Kazbegi?

I recommend spending at least two nights in Kazbegi. This will give you a full day to walk up to Gergeti Trinity Church (and the glacier if you want), and enough time to try a few of the town’s best restaurants.

Kazbegi itself is very small but there is quite a lot to see and do around the area. You could easily stay for longer – especially if you’re into hiking. Juta, Truso Valley and Dariali Gorge can all be visited from Kazbegi, so you could plausibly make this your base for a 4-5 day stay in the mountains.

The town of Kazbegi, beneath green mountains in summer.
Kazbegi or Stepantsminda – it depends who you ask.

Is Kazbegi expensive?

Kazbegi is a popular tourist destination so you’ll find that accommodations are a touch more expensive here than some other places in Georgia. (Although it’s not nearly as pricey as nearby Gudauri.) Prices tend to go up in summer, while you can find some great deals in shoulder season.

Having said that, there are definitely budget-friendly options in Kazbegi including family run guesthouses and camping grounds. By the same token there are some wonderful boutique cabins and lodges (as you’ll soon see!) so if you’re looking for an excuse to splash out, Kazbegi is a great place to do it.

For this guide, I’ve divided properties into three price categories:

  • Budget-friendly: Under 30 USD/night
  • Mid-range: 30-50 USD/night
  • Boutique: 50-120 USD/night

I’ve also included my favourite self-contained cabins with a price tag of 30-100 USD/night.

A hand-made sign points towards a guesthouse in Kazbegi.
There are plenty of budget-friendly guesthouses in Kazbegi to choose from.

How far in advance should you book your Kazbegi hotel?

That depends on what time of year you’re visiting. If you plan to go to Kazbegi in late spring, summer or early fall (AKA peak tourist season), then you should book your accommodation at least a fortnight out. Boutique hotels such as Rooms fill up fast, especially on weekends and around holidays, so I recommend booking specialty accommodations or cabins as early as possible.

I personally use to reserve all my accommodations when I’m on the road in Georgia. Click here to browse all listings for Kazbegi, or read on for my hand-picked selection of the very best.

Sheets drying on a washing line in Kazbegi.
Many homes in Gergeti village beneath the church have been converted into guesthouses.

Best area to stay in Kazbegi

Kazbegi is set in a valley over two sides of a river bank, with steep hills on either side. It’s important to choose your area wisely – do you want to be close to the bus station and walking distance from restaurants, or are you willing to stay further afield for better mountain views?

If you’re keen on sampling the town’s best restaurants, I recommend staying in town on the eastern bank of the river. If mountain views are a priority (and you don’t mind hiking up a steep street to get to your accommodation), go for a place on the hill above Stepantsminda.

And if you plan on trekking and you want to be close to the church/glacier trailhead, stay in Gergeti village on the upper western side of the river. This will cut a good 30 minutes off your hike time.

Map of where to stay in Kazbegi

Best budget guesthouses in Kazbegi (under 30 USD)

Top choice: Ketino’s Home

Located in a new building near the river, Ketino’s Home (also known as Ketino Sujashvili Guest House) is an ‘elevated’ guesthouse with double, twin and family rooms. All have modern ensuites and some rooms have private balconies. Decorations are clean and minimal, the spaces are light and airy, and the beds and linens are brand new. Every room has a kettle.

The location in town is convenient to the bus station and restaurants, while the position on the western side of the river is quieter, with mountain views from some of the rooms and the communal dining area. Breakfast is included and home-cooked dinners are also available. I’ve eaten lunch here and the food is top notch – especially the khinkali!

Check rates & availability for Ketino’s Home here on

A spread of khinkali and Georgian food at a guesthouse in Kazbegi.
Home-cooked lunch at Ketino’s Home.

Top choice: Red Stone Guest House

This was the first guesthouse I ever stayed at in Kazbegi and it’s still a favourite. Three guest rooms (doubles and triples) are located on the top floor of the family’s home. The views across the valley to the eastern side of Stepantsminda are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Rooms are large, simply furnished and very cosy in winter. One has a private ensuite while the other two share a common bathroom. The hosts here (an older couple and their daughter) are exceedingly helpful and it must be said that the home-cooked breakfast is one of the best I’ve had anywhere in Georgia (khinkali, khachapuri, pancakes – the lot!).

The house is nestled on a steep street under Gergeti Trinity, footsteps from the start of the trailhead. If you plan on hiking to the church and glacier and want to get an early start, this is the best place to stay. No doubt mum will furnish you with a takeaway bag of khachapuri to see you through the hike.

Check rates & availability for Red Stone here on

More guesthouses in Kazbegi

Kushashvili 7 Sisters: Modern, comfortable rooms with new ensuites inside a sweet family home with a garden. Located in the upper part of Stepantsminda. → Check rates & availability here on

North Kazbegi: Cosy, clean rooms (think floral wallpaper) with ensuites and fabulous mountain views. Located at the northern end of town. → Check rates & availability here on

Guesthouse Elli: Double rooms with private or shared bathrooms and tasteful furnishings. The outdoor deck with views of Gergeti is spectacular. Located on the hill at the northern end of town. → Check rates & availability here on

Guest House Demma: Large dorm-style rooms with shared modern bathrooms, a communal kitchen and leafy garden. Located close to town on the western side of the river. → Check rates & availability here on

Guest House Maili: Compact and modern doubles, triples and quads with tidy ensuites. Located at the northern end of Stepantsminda. → Check rates & availability here on

Best mid-range hotels in Kazbegi (30-55 USD)

Top choice: Hotel Stancia

Located directly in front of the bus station, Hotel Stancia is perfectly positioned for those who want to stay in the centre of town or anyone planning a quick trip. The Scandi lodge-style decor suits Kazbegi to a T. Rooms are generously proportioned and beautifully finished with either mountain or river views. Think of this as a budget-friendly alternative to Rooms – the vibe is similar but prices are much lower. Staff here are friendly and helpful.

The restaurant on the ground floor is extremely good for lunch or dinner – we had several stellar meals here during our stay. The small outdoor deck overlooking the river is particularly nice for afternoon coffee and cake. Unfortunately the buffet breakfast isn’t up to the same standard so it’s safe to skip.

Check rates & availability here on

More mid-range hotels in Kazbegi

Travel Inn Kazbegi: Clean, bright doubles with en suites, a cosy lounge and a mountain-facing terrace. Breakfast costs $6. Located in the centre of Stepantsminda. → Check rates & availability here on

Hotel Jimla: Deluxe rooms with mountain views and cosy lodge-style common areas. Located on the western side of the river close to the bridge. → Check rates & availability here on

Belmonte Kazbegi: Stylish rooms with private balconies and mountain views. Located on the northern side of Stepantsminda. → Check rates & availability here on

Sunshine Kazbegi: Budget-friendly three-story lodge with bright mountain-facing rooms and modern ensuites. Enjoy your breakfast or a glass of wine while sitting on one of the best outdoor decks in Kazbegi. Located on the south-eastern side of town. → Check rates & availability here on

Hilltop Kazbegi: Modern ski lodge-style hotel with comfortable doubles and triples, modern bathrooms and cosy common areas. Located in the upper part of Stepantsminda. → Check rates & availability here on

Best boutique hotels in Kazbegi (60-120 USD)

Top choice: Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

One of the best hotels anywhere in Georgia, this is the place to stay in Kazbegi for the full mountain lodge experience. Rooms is set inside a refurbished sanatorium atop the hill on the eastern side of town and boasts postcard-perfect views of the valley and Gergeti Trinity.

Stylish suites have either mountain or forest views. The indoor pool, the outdoor deck and the lounge are all on-point. Even if you’re not staying here, it’s a must to come up for a meal at the onsite restaurant.

Check rates & availability here on

The lobby at Rooms, one of the best Kazbegi hotels.
The lounge at Rooms Hotel Kazbegi.

Top choice: Intourist Kazbegi

New to open in 2021, the 4-star Intourist offers guests gorgeous boutique rooms, a bar and restaurant and a huge mountain-facing deck. The building resembles Rooms and the vibe is similar, making this another good alternative if Rooms is outside your budget.

The decor here is a cut above other mid-range hotels, with classic two-tone walls and retro posters throughout. The bathrooms are next level too – some have floating bathtubs with mountain views. The location on the eastern side of the river near the bridge is convenient to both sides of Stepantsminda.

Check rates & availability here on

Top choice: Landscapes Hotel

This unique property offers self-contained ‘cabins’ with large windows, private terraces and hard-to-top views of the Greater Caucasus. Suites are beautifully decorated but compact, with a futuristic bathroom and a coffee machine.

The outdoor firepit is lovely on a chilly winter’s night. Only doubles or twins are available, making this a good choice for single travellers or couples.

Check rates & availability here on

More boutique hotels in Kazbegi

Porta Caucasia: The decor here is more cookie-cutter and less boutique, but rooms are still beautiful, with large bathrooms and mountain views. Located in the centre of town near the river. → Check rates & availability here on

Chemodann Kazbegi: Boutique on a budget, this lodge has bright and airy rooms with fabulous mountain views. Breakfast is included. Located in the upper part of Stepantsminda, near Rooms. → Check rates & availability here on

Best mountain cabins in Kazbegi

View a full list of my favourite nature cabins around Georgia.

Top choice: Kazbegi Cabins

This designer chalet is finished with 100-year-old oak, hand-crafted furniture and beautiful textiles. A loft-style sleeping area and separate bedroom sleep four people, and the space also features a modern bathroom, a study nook, and a wood-burning stove.

Floor-to-ceiling windows reveal breathtaking vistas of the eastern side of the valley. The location in Gergeti village below the church is ideal for hiking and mountain views.

Check rates & availability here on

Close-up of the Greater Caucasus mountains in Georgia covered in snow.
Nothing beats a mountain view!

Top choice: Kazbegi View

Each of these A-frame cabins is fully self-contained, with a small kitchen, modern bathroom and private deck. A double bed and sofa bed sleep up to three, but the space is the ideal size and layout for a couple. Hardwood floors and modern light fittings give the spaces a contemporary edge.

The cabins are located above Stepantsminda at the southern end of town. The common lawn and outdoor seating area overlooks the valley and Gergeti.

Check rates & availability here on

Top choice: Elia Loft

The entire front of this double-story A-frame cabin is made of glass, filling the space with air and light and affording magnificent forest views. The interior has an Upstate-New-York feel, with dark wood and a sleeping loft.

Perfect for couples, the self-contained house also features a wood-burning fireplace and a designer-rustic kitchenette and bathroom. The location high above Stepantsminda affords views of the mountain peaks and a special sense of privacy.

Check rates & availability here on

More cabins in Kazbegi

Kazbegi 5054: This one-story cabin is divided up into doubles, triples and quads, each with a kitchenette, a modern bathroom and a private deck. Located high above Stepantsminda on the eastern hill. → Check rates & availability here on

Old Hut: This large self-contained cabin is perfect for families or groups who want to self-cater. Located high above Stepantsminda. → Check rates & availability here on

More Kazbegi travel tips

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Wondering where to stay in Kazbegi (Stepantsminda)? Here is a hand-picked list of the best Kazbegi hotels, guesthouses & mountain view cabins.

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