A beginner’s guide to skiing in Georgia, including a quick look at the country’s four established ski resorts and their offerings.

About the author: Originally from the UK, Rebecca Blackmore has lived in Georgia with her partner since September 2020. She loves pub quizzes, superhero movies, and documenting her travels through photography and writing.

Georgia might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a winter sports getaway. But this diverse little country has a number of alternative ski resorts to rival even the best-known slopes in Europe.

Whilst most of Georgia’s ski resorts are still developing, the upside is that prices are a fraction of what you would pay in most other countries.

Here is a quick comparison of the four established ski resorts in Georgia, all with ski lifts and groomed pistes.

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Gudauri Ski Resort: Best overall choice for skiing near Tbilisi

A chairlift at Gudauri Ski Resort near Tbilisi, Georgia.
Gudauri Ski Resort.

Nestled on the south face of the Greater Caucasus at an elevation of 2,200m, Gudauri is the largest and most developed ski resort in Georgia.

Established in the 1980s, Gudauri is a popular resort town, well served by hotels and restaurants. The ski season runs from mid-December until mid-April, and there are other winter activities in the area including snowshoe hiking and riding the scenic Kobi-Gudauri Cable Car.

The resort has 20-plus ski runs covering a total of 80 km, plus off-piste areas that are suitable for experienced skiers. There are 15 ski lifts, including open chairlifts and enclosed gondolas. Helicopters have almost complete access to the mountains, providing incredible opportunities for heliskiing.

  • Pros: Easy to reach from Tbilisi; great range of skiing for all levels; professional ski schools.
  • Cons: Busy at certain times of year; higher prices for food and drink. See my travel tips for Gudauri for helpful pointers on how to avoid the crowds, save money, and more.

Ski lessons & equipment rental at Gudauri

Skis and all gear plus ski clothes (jackets, pants, gloves and goggles) are all available for hire in Gudauri. Carpe Diem Hotel offers equipment rental in the centre of Gudauri and has a well-equipped store. Aviator Ski Rental also comes highly recommended.

If you’re travelling to Gudauri with your own gear, be sure to read up on extra airline charges for transporting equipment, and to invest in the best ski boot bag for air travel.

Vagabond Adventures is Gudauri’s premier ski school. English-speaking instructors offer private lessons for all levels, from beginner to freestyle. Group lessons for children are also available. Use wanderlush10 for 10% off when you book online.

The Alpine Project runs private and group courses in skiing, snowboarding and climbing. All of their instructors are from the local area and are qualified mountain guides. They emphasise working in harmony with the natural environment and supporting the local economy.

Where to stay in Gudauri

Luxury: Gudauri Lodge.

With an indoor pool, massage room, and outdoor hot tub, Gudauri Lodge provides a luxury resort experience. The property also has a gym, sauna, and onsite restaurant and bar. → Check prices here on Booking.com.

Budget: Gudauri Dacha.

Designed for serious riders looking for a good time, Gudauri Dacha offers simple lodgings for around $25 a night. Linens, WiFi, a Georgian breakfast and dinner are included.

In addition to hotels and resorts, there are hundreds of apartments and private cabins available to rent in Gudauri and New Gudauri (closer to the gondolas). With several supermarkets in town for self catering, self-contained accommodation can be a great budget-friendly option. → Browse Gudauri apartments here on Booking.com.

Find more options in my detailed Gudauri accommodation guide.

How to get to Gudauri

Reached via the stunning Georgian Military Highway towards the Russian border, Gudauri is around two hours’ drive from Tbilisi. From Gudauri you can easily continue on to Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) to marvel at the spectacular Mt Kazbek and the famous Gergeti Trinity Church.

The most comfortable (and safest) way to travel to Gudauri is with a private transfer booked through GoTrip. Prices start from 170 GEL per car, and you can make as many photo stops along the way as you like. → Find a GoTrip driver here.

It’s possible to hire a car and self-drive, but the mountain roads can be tricky, especially in winter. Only choose this option if you’re a confident driver, and be sure to double-check conditions by calling the roads department before you set off. → Check car rental prices on Local Rent.

Marshrukta minibuses leave for Gudauri from Didube Station in Tbilisi. A one-way trip takes around 2-2.5 hours and costs 10-15 GEL. Some vans continue to Kazbegi/Stepantsminda, so be sure to tell the driver you want to get off in Gudauri. 

See here for a detailed Gudauri Transport Guide and more options.

Bakuriani Ski Resort: Best choice for beginners & families

A cute town of wooden houses against a backdrop of mountains. Bakuriani Ski Resort in Georgia.
Bakuriani Ski Resort.

Georgia’s second-most popular resort is Bakuriani, located south-west of Tbilisi in Samtskhe-Javakheti region. Less developed than Gudauri, Bakuriani has been a ski resort since the 1930s and was used as a training camp for Olympic skiers during the Soviet era.

Recently expanded after hosting stages of the Ski Cross and Snowboarding World Cup, there are five ski tracks divided into 23 ski pistes with a total length of 29km serviced by eight lifts and one funicular. Night skiing, where the slopes are illuminated, is possible in the Didveli area every night from 5pm until 8pm.

Bakuriani is particularly suitable for families as there is a newly refurbished cinema, an ice rink (skate rental 5 GEL for 30 mins), and a toboggan ride. There is a designated area for children or beginners called ‘Twenty Fives’.

Bakuriani’s proximity to other popular destinations including Borjomi (where you’ll find hot springs), Vardzia cave city and Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park means you can easily combine winter activities with sightseeing.

  • Pros: Suitable for beginner skiers & families; lots of other activities nearby; good budget-friendly accommodation options.
  • Cons: Very popular (Bakuriani does get overcrowded).

Lessons & equipment rental at Bakuriani

There are a number of ski schools in Bakuriani. Bakuriani Ski Academy is well-reviewed and also offers equipment rental.

Where to stay in Bakuriani

Luxury: Rooms Hotel Kokhta.

Part of the prestigious Georgian brand that also has boutique hotels in Tbilisi and Kazbegi, Rooms Kokhta is a 95 room ski-in, ski-out luxury hotel with a beautiful design. → Check prices here on Booking.com.

Budget: Orbi Palace.

A newly built, well-appointed hotel featuring an onsite restaurant and spa located 500m from the slopes. → Check prices here on Booking.com.

How to get to Bakuriani

A private transfer to Bakuriani starts from 210 GEL from Tbilisi or 200 GEL from Kutaisi. → Find a GoTrip driver here.

Minibuses leave for Bakuriani from Tbilisi’s Didube station approximately every hour. A one-way trip takes 2.5-3 hours and costs around 15 GEL.

If you want to make the most of your journey, I recommend travelling to Borjomi then taking the scenic Soviet-era steam train the rest of the way to Bakuriani. The Kukushka train (‘cuckoo’ in Russian, named for the sound it makes) runs twice a day and takes around 2.5 hours. You can read more about taking the train here.

Please note: At the time of writing, the Kukushka train is currently not running.

See this Bakuriani Transport Guide for more details, or check out my Borjomi Transport Guide for information about transiting through Borjomi.

Hatsvali Ski Resort: Best choice for culture

The Hatsvali ski lift in Svaneti, Georgia.
The Hatsvali ski lift in Svaneti.

The smallest ski resort in Georgia is located in the north-western Svaneti region, 8km outside of the historic settlement of Mestia. A visit to Mestia is a must when visiting Georgia, so why not combine it with a ski trip?

There are five runs in Hatsvali, covering a distance of 10km with a designated 300m run for beginners. Experienced skiers will enjoy exploring the varied and challenging freeride area. The resort is connected to Mestia via ski lift, and there are three lifts in total covering the slopes.

Tetnuldi ski resort is also close by, around 15km from Hatsvali, and is ideal for free riders.

Whilst in Mestia, make sure to visit the Ethnographic Museum and if you have time, take a day trip to Ushguli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the highest continuously inhabited settlements in Europe.

  • Pros: Dramatic mountain scenery; Svan culture & cuisine; plenty of accommodations & restaurants in Mestia.
  • Cons: Further from Tbilisi.

Lessons & equipment rental in Mestia

Svaneti Spirit is located in Mestia centre and offers lessons and equipment rental.

Where to stay in Mestia

Luxury: Bude Mestia Cottages.

There aren’t a lot of luxury options in Mestia, but if you’re looking for something a little bit special, consider staying in one of these huts. The cabins are located a little way from the centre but transport can be arranged at the time of booking. → Check prices here on Booking.com.

Budget: Family Hotel Kala.

There are a plethora of affordable, comfortable lodgings in Mestia. I stayed in Family Hotel Kala and loved it. Our hosts met us at the airport, our room had an amazing mountain view and the breakfast, in true Georgian style, was tasty and far too generous! A double room costs around $30 a night including breakfast and airport pickup. → Check prices here on Booking.com.

How to get to Mestia

The fastest and most picturesque way to get to Mestia is by taking a short flight with Vanilla Sky. Flights to Mestia run three times a week and a one-way ticket costs around 100 GEL.

Flights are weather-dependent so this option is best suited if you have some flexibility. The flight takes about an hour and was one of the best experiences I have had in Georgia, so I urge you to try it if you can.

The journey from Tbilisi to Mestia by road takes a minimum of 9 hours. It’s not advisable to do this trip by marshrutka. If you have time, it’s a good idea to break up the journey with a night in Kutaisi or Martvili. A transfer from Kutaisi to Mestia starts from 440 GEL when booked through GoTrip.

If you prefer to travel with public transport, the most comfortable option is to take the train from Tbilisi to Zugdidi and then complete the journey with a 3-hour minibus ride.

See my Zugdidi Train Guide for more tips.

Goderdzi Ski Resort: Best choice for escaping the crowds

A man skiing in Georgia at Goderdzi Ski Resort holds up his snowboard in front of a traditional wooden house.
Goderdzi Ski Resort.

A small resort in the mountains of Upper Adjara east of Batumi, Goderdzi is new and underdeveloped but has some of the best snow in the country. It has been referred to as the ‘Japan of Georgia’ because of the amount and quality of the snow.

Due to its location, Goderdzi has the longest season of the ski resorts in Georgia, running from early December until the end of April. There are four pistes, 8km of tracks served by four lifts. Cat-skiing is popular at this resort and there are numerous tour operators that offer this option.

  • Pros: Excellent skiing; beautiful scenery; far fewer people.
  • Cons: Remote location (more difficult to get to); fewer accommodations & services.

Lessons & equipment rental at Goderdzi

There are no established ski schools in Goderdzi and rental options are limited. The best option would be to rent your equipment in Tbilisi or Batumi, or to try and arrange this through your hotel or guesthouse.

Where to stay in Goderdzi

Luxury: Hotel Ambassadori.

The only hotel in Goderdzi, the Ambassadori is a luxury property with an onsite restaurant and spa. It even has its own outdoor ice rink! The hotel can arrange lessons and equipment rental. → Check prices here on Booking.com.

Budget: Guest House Luka.

Located in Danisparauli village, Guest House Luka is well-reviewed. A double room costs around $60. → Check prices here on Booking.com.

There are cottages available to rent within the ski resort, but online information is limited. Descriptions and contact info are available here.

How to get to Goderdzi

Goderdzi is a four-hour drive from Batumi but requires a 4×4 vehicle as parts of the road are unpaved. Direct buses are not available in winter, so if you wish to use public transport, you will need to take a bus to Danisparauli village and complete the journey by taxi or take the bus to Khulo and make use of the free shuttle service to Goderdzi.

Alternatively, Mta Goderdzi Tour offers transfer and accommodation packages from Batumi.

See here for instructions on how to travel from Tbilisi to Batumi by train or bus.

Skiing in Georgia FAQ

When is the Georgia ski season?

Georgia’s ski season typically runs from mid December until mid April. Opening dates for the slopes vary from year to year depending on the weather and snowfall.

Resorts might be open as early as the start of December. Some open earlier than others, for example skiing in Goderdzi is usually available a few weeks before Gudauri and Bakuriani.

There is a live cam in Gudauri that you can use to check the snowfall.

How much does it cost to go skiing in Georgia?

Day passes for all the above-mentioned resorts average 40-50 GEL for an adult or 25 GEL for a child.

Multiski Card season passes are available for all the resorts, and start from just 600 GEL for winter (start of the season until mid March) or 300 GEL for spring (mid March until April).

Where to rent or buy ski gear and clothes in Tbilisi?

Most resorts give you the option to rent equipment and clothing onsite. If you prefer to buy ski clothes, there are a couple of recommended retailers in Tbilisi.

Hypermarket Xtreme is the best place to buy professional equipment and ski clothing sets. Shops around Dinamo Station – including Snowy Mountains at 11 Tsereteli Avenue – sell new ski clothes and accessories at a discounted price.

If you’re looking for an alternative skiing destination in Europe, why not give Georgia a try? What is your favourite place to go skiing in Georgia?

Georgia essentials

Here are the websites and services I personally use and recommend for Georgia. Check out my full list of travel resources for more tips.

FLIGHTS: Search for affordable flights to Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi on Skyscanner.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Insure your trip with HeyMondo, my preferred provider for single-trip and annual travel insurance (get 5% off when you book with my link).

SIM CARD: Magti is my preferred provider, with prices starting from 9 GEL/week for unlimited data. See this guide for all the details about buying a Georgian SIM card.

AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Most flights into Georgia arrive in the early hours. For ease, pre-book a private transfer from Tbilisi Airport to your hotel (from $17) or from Kutaisi Airport to Tbilisi (from $90) with my partners at GoTrip.ge.

ACCOMMODATION: Booking.com is the most widely used platform in Georgia. Use it to find family guesthouses, private apartments, hostels and hotels around the country.

CAR HIRE: Find a great deal on a rental car in Georgia – use the Local Rent website to book through a local agent (prices start from $20/day).

DAY TRIPS & CITY TOURS: Use Viator or Get Your Guide to browse a range of day trips and city tours. For off-beat programs, I recommend Friendly.ge (use the promocode wanderlush for 10% off). For in-depth day trips to Georgia’s wine regions, I recommend Eat This! Tours (use the promo code wanderlush for 5% off).

PRIVATE TRANSFERS: GoTrip.ge is a terrific service for booking a private professional driver and car for the day. Use it for A-to-B transfers, a customised round-trip itinerary, or a multi-day trip. You can stop wherever you like for as long as you like without the fixed price going up.

NEED SOME HELP?: Need feedback on your itinerary or personalised travel tips? I offer a one-on-one consultation call service for Tbilisi and Georgia. More information and bookings here.

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