Travelling in Tbilisi and Georgia is getting easier and easier thanks to new infrastructure and tourist services. Still, simple things such as hailing a taxi, buying a sim card, finding a laundromat – or indeed storing luggage – require a bit more forward planning than you might be used to.

Although I strongly recommend packing light for Georgia and the Caucasus in general, I know how easy it is to accumulate extra luggage, especially if you’re here to hike or ski (or shop).

If you want to explore Tbilisi without lugging around heavy bags or oversized items – or even if your flight or train arrives early and your accommodation doesn’t offer early check-in (many don’t) – there are a number of affordable Tbilisi luggage storage services that you can draw on.

I’ve used a bunch of different methods during my time travelling and living in Georgia. In this post, I’ll share my top recommendations for where to safely store luggage in Tbilisi.

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Tbilisi luggage storage: 5 options

1. SmartCase: Simple short-term Tbilisi luggage storage

  • Type: Automated luggage lockers
  • Price: 10 GEL/8 hours (discounts apply for longer periods)
A bank of lockers at a luggage storage facility in Tbilisi, Georgia.
SmartCase Tbilisi luggage storage off Freedom Square.

SmartCase is Tbilisi’s first and only automated left luggage locker service. It operates 24 hours a day, and storage costs a flat 10 GEL for 8 hours (or 15 GEL for 24 hours) per locker, with discounted rates for anything over 3 days.

SmartCase works much the same as any other automated locker service in Europe or elsewhere, using a pin code system. The minimum order is 8 hours. If you exceed the amount of time you ordered, the system will automatically charge you at the regular rate.

Payment is made by cash on pickup. The machine only accepts 20, 10 and 5 lari notes plus 1 lari coins. No change is given, so make sure you have the right denominations.

SmartCase is designed for travellers moving around Georgia and is not a long-term solution: According to the website, the maximum period you can hire a locker is 10 days (although they do now offer lockers for up to 45 days). If you exceed the maximum period, your items will be moved to a different location and you will be charged triple time, after which the company reserves the right to keep your items (!!!).

Another limitation is the size of the lockers. At 49x18x70cm, the Freedom Square ones aren’t big enough to fit a medium-sized suitcase. The Kote Afkhazi Street location has slightly larger lockers (51x30x77cm) that start from 15 GEL.

Furthermore, if you arrive and find all the lockers are claimed (there are about 50 in total), then too bad. The fact that the lockers are located in an open, public walkway may be a little off-putting for some.

SmartCase is located on Freedom Square, close to the metro station and the drop-off/pick-up point for the airport bus. You can find the lockers inside the archway near the main entrance to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. There is a second SmartCase located inside the Meidan Palace business centre on Kote Afkhazi Street in the Old Town.

For more details, visit

2. Depot Storage: Secure & affordable Longer-term luggage storage

  • Type: Valet storage
  • Price: From 10-40 GEL/month

Depot Storage is a great option for more secure, longer-term storage. I was extremely impressed with this service when I used it recently.

Although it’s mostly geared towards businesses and people moving house, they also accept suitcases and bags at the following rate:

  • Small (10kg): 10 GEL/month
  • Medium (20 kg): 20 GEL/month
  • Large (30 kg): 30 GEL/month
  • X Large (40 kg): 40 GEL/month

Bicycles cost 10 GEL per month and skis cost 35 GEL per month to store. If you store items for less than a full month like we did, you still pay for the full 30 days.

Booking and payment is all done online using their secure system (I would recommend booking at least a few days in advance, but usually they can help you out last-minute). The price includes free pick up from any address in central Tbilisi.

When we used Depot Storage, staff arrived at our Airbnb right on time, labelled and scanned our bags while we watched, then carefully loaded them onto the truck for transport to their secure facility (Depot is managed by a reputable document storage company).

When you’re ready to get the items back, just email them and they’ll bring your stuff back to any address. Drop off costs 10 GEL per delivery.

For more details, visit Pick up can be organised via email or over Facebook.

3. Tbilisi Railway Station luggage storage

  • Type: Left luggage office
  • Price: 10 GEL/locker/day
Luggage storage office at Tbilisi Central Station, Tbilisi railway station.
Luggage storage at Tbilisi Central Station.

Tbilisi’s main railway station at Station Square also operates a left luggage office. If you only need short-term storage, maybe a place to throw your backpack for a few hours after arriving early on the night train from Yerevan or Baku, it’s more than adequate.

I recently used this service again and found the arrangement had changed since my last visit. They now have proper individual lockers that are quite large (we fit a big duffle bag and a carry-on-sized suitcase in one with no difficulty). They also have a washing machine in the office… But TBH I’m not sure how that arrangement works.

Storage costs 10 GEL per locker for a 24-hour period. Staff are friendly and helpful. When you arrive, you’ll need to hand over your passport so the attendant can transcribe your name (they give it straight back afterwards). Payment is up front in cash. You’ll then be issued with a paper receipt to present later at pick up.

The office is located inside a little demountable building on the far left-hand side of platform 1, where the trains to Batumi depart from. It opens everyday at 7.30am and closes at 8pm. If you find the door is locked, there is a phone number posted up that you can call.

There is a second, less formal luggage storage located in a tin shed in the carpark in front of the train station. Proceed with caution.

4. Tbilisi Airport luggage storage

  • Type: Left luggage office
  • Price: 10-20 GEL/day

If you need to store luggage at Tbilisi International Airport, there is a left luggage office inside the arrivals hall. It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Medium-sized bags (up to 90cm) cost 10 GEL per day to stow, while you’ll pay 20 GEL per day for larger bags.

5. Tbilisi bus station luggage storage

  • Type: Left luggage office
  • Price: 2-5 GEL/hour

All of Tbilisi’s main bus stations, including Ortachala and Didube, also have left luggage offices on site. These are less formal storage rooms that only cost a few GEL per hour to use. If you’re changing buses and want to nip off to buy breakfast or squeeze in some sightseeing, I think they would be fine to use. But I wouldn’t store anything important here long-term.

Attendants are generally honest and trustworthy, but with so many people passing through, it would be difficult to guarantee the safety of your belongings.

When using any of these short-term storage solutions, you’ll obviously want to lock your bag and ensure it’s tagged with your name and local phone number. I would also recommend taking a photo of your items and the office location before you leave, just in case.

At Didube, you can find the luggage room near the marshrutka stop for Kazbegi.

Storing valuables

Petty crime is rare in Georgia, but it goes without saying, but I do not recommend leaving valuables unattended in storage, especially cash, documents or electronics. This is the case no matter where in the world you are or what kind of luggage storage service you’re using.

If you have to store high-value items in Tbilisi, I would recommend going with Depot Storage. In my experience, they are the most secure and professional storage option currently available in Georgia.

Before you make a booking, be sure to read the terms and conditions and check if your travel insurance policy covers you for items left in storage.

Final words: What is the best Tbilisi luggage storage service?

Considering price, customer service and security, my overall recommendation goes to Depot Storage. Staff are incredibly responsive and helpful, and I love that they can hold oversized items and suitcases. The free pickup service is a huge plus.

If you’re looking for something fast and easy, especially if you’re new to Tbilisi and haven’t had time to make a booking in advance, then SmartCase is a great option for short-term Tbilisi luggage storage on the go.

Georgia essentials

Here are some of the websites and services I use when I’m planning a trip to Georgia and the Caucasus. Remember to check out my full list of travel resources for more tips.

And now for the fun stuff…

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