It can be difficult to find a good breakfast in Tbilisi – especially if you like to wake up early and get a head start on your day. In a city that prefers to stay up late and sleep in, most cafes and restaurants don’t open until midday.

In the last few years, things have started to change. Tbilisi is slowly developing more of a breakfast/brunch culture. There are a growing number of cafes that cater to early risers, serving up traditional Georgian breakfast foods, cafe-style brunches and baked treats.

This list brings together some of my favourite cafes and restaurants that open early and offer a dedicated breakfast/brunch menu. I’ve also included a few specialty coffee shops that serve food, plus bakeries that are perfect for a quick bite.

Get in early and fuel up for a day out exploring Tbilisi… Just remember to save room for lunch at one of the many terrific Georgian restaurants in town!

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What is a typical Georgian breakfast?

Georgian cuisine has very few (if any) ‘traditional’ breakfast foods. There is no equivalent to a classic English breakfast for example, and certainly no breakfast tradition like you find in Turkey.

The typical morning spread offered by guesthouses – matsoni yogurt, jam and preserves, fresh butter, bread, cheese, boiled eggs, fresh tomato and cucumber – is the closest thing you’ll find to a traditional Georgian breakfast outside of Tbilisi.

In the city, business hours are quite late (most people start work at 10am or 11am), so among locals, breakfast is eaten at home if at all. I was once told that leftover Khachapuri is the top choice among Tbilisians – and I have to agree that it’s pretty good.

Eggs on toast for breakfast in Tbilisi.
A variation of kikliko, one of few ‘traditional’ dishes eaten for breakfast in Georgia.

The only Georgian breakfast dish I’m familiar with is Kikliko, a fried eggy bread similar to French toast that’s normally topped with savory ingredients such as salty sulguni cheese. Some cafes serve ‘hybrid’ dishes such as Chizhi bizhi (essentially a local take on shakshuka), while other places offer more specialised meals such as Erbokhacho (mountain-style eggs).

In Batumi you can find cafes that serve Abkhaz breakfast dishes – but I haven’t been able to find these anywhere in Tbilisi.

Two dishes you’ll find on almost every menu are Syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes) served with jam or preserves and eggs Benedict. Neither of these are particularly traditional to Georgia, but some places use local ingredients and flavours to give them a local edge.

Best cafes & restaurants for a sit-down breakfast in Tbilisi

If you’re searching for a sit-down breakfast or brunch to start the day, these Tbilisi cafes and restaurants have you covered.


A plate of Kiklikos, small toasts topped with Georgian ingredients.

Kikliko is a rare example of a traditional Georgian breakfast dish. It’s essentially eggy bread (a bit like French toast) crisped up and served with a savoury topping.

Kikliko cafe is an ode to this mid-morning delicacy and the closest you’ll come to a dedicated breakfast place in Tbilisi. They serve a range of different savoury kiklikos topped with cheese, eggs, ham and mushrooms in various combinations. I love the cheese, sour cream and sun-dried tomatoes version.

Apart from kiklikos, they also do eggs Benedict and a terrific cottage cheese pancakes. The small outdoor terrace is lovely in summer.


Breakfast eggs served in a traditional clay pot at Chaduna Cafe in Tbilisi.

New on the Tbilisi cafe scene, Chaduna is a delightful little venue set inside a heritage building in Sololaki. The location is perfect if you’re staying near Liberty Square or you’re out exploring Mtatsminda.

The coffee at Chaduna is some of the best I’ve had anywhere in Tbilisi. Breakfast is served from 10am until midday, and brunch until 3pm.

The menu includes a couple of unique Georgian-inspired dishes that I haven’t seen before: Chizhi Bizhi (tomato and eggs shakshuka-style), Erbokhacho (mountain-style eggs with melted butter and cheese), and ‘Grand Ma’s breakfast’, a simple spread of fresh bread with honey, jam, butter and sour cream on the side.

Brunch dishes are all 15 GEL and include a drink.


A yellow coffee mug and plates of food at a cafe in Tbilisi.

This super-cosy coffee house does an all-day breakfast (oatmeal, omelettes and croissants) plus a selection of set breakfast deals between 10am and midday.

There are five options to choose from, including a full English breakfast, a smoothie bowl, or my personal favourite, a small bowl of oatmeal with syrniki pancakes and berry compote on the side.

All come with coffee, tea or juice and cost between 7 and 15 GEL. Bring your laptop (or better still, a book) – once you’re tucked in at a corner table, it’s hard to leave.

Cafe Maria Magdalina

Three plates of food laid out on a wooden table at a breakfast restaurant in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Part cafe, part plant shop, Maria Magdalina entered onto the scene in 2021 and has become a firm favourite of mine. The cafe is hidden away on the rise above Stamba Hotel, near Keto & Kote restaurant. You can either walk up from Kostava Street or come around the back way through Vera.

This is undoubtedly one of Tbilisi’s prettiest cafes. I love sitting in the lower olive tree-filled courtyard, and the upper greenhouse-like room where the bar is located is light-filled and tranquil.

The interior of a Tbilisi cafe with indoor plants, large windows and woven lampshades.

Light breakfast dishes are served until 1pm. My pick is the zucchini and quinoa pancakes with whipped feta mousse and spicy Adjika. All-day bowls pair seasonal veggies, brown rice and hummus with pulled beef, tuna or fish croquettes.

If you’re a sweet tooth, the carrot cake (served deconstructed-style) is outstanding. The coffee here is top-notch too.


A plate of eggs benedict on a round marble table.

By night, Kikodze is a classy cocktail bar. During daylight hours, they serve a scrumptious all-day breakfast. Choose between pancakes and any combination of eggs, truffle, avocado and salmon on toast.

The location inside Wine Factory N1 is very atmospheric, especially if you can get a seat under an umbrella out the front. The coffee here is also very good.

Puri Guliani & Puri Guliani Express

A plate of eggs Benedict and two coffees at Puri Guliani cafe in Tbilisi.

Located near the pedestrianised section of Agmashenebeli Avenue, close to the Dry Bridge Market, Puri Guliani is a lovely spot for breakfast or afternoon tea overlooking the river. Choose from their all-day menu of bakery treats (the Ponchiki filled donuts are a favourite of mine), morning bakery specials, or order something savoury off the a la carte breakfast menu.

The second branch in Vake, Puri Guliani Express, serves coffee, a la cart meals and sweets from 8am.

This is the best eggs Benedict in Tbilisi in my opinion. The fluffy brioche is divine and comes with your choice of Racha ham, asparagus or smoked salmon. Oven-baked eggs, kiklikos and pancakes are also available. I usually order the Chef’s Yogurt with homemade granola and tangerine puree too – just be warned that it’s very sweet.

Puri Guliani is dedicated to the art of Georgian bread (puri) and spotlights different dough-based recipes from around the country, including lots of khachapuri variations, all baked in-house. The coffee here is exceptional, and if you stay for lunch, there are some great set menu deals available.

  • Saarbrucken Square (near the Dry Bridge Market) & 37 Abashidze Street (Vake)
  • Hours & info: Facebook Page

Cafe Stamba

A cafe table with a plate of pancakes, a green mug and a vase of pink flowers.

If you like to start your day in chic surroundings, Stamba wins the award for Tbilisi’s best cafe fit-out. Located on the bottom floor of Stamba Hotel, inside the concrete-and-steel shell of a retired printing house, it’s part of a mini dining precinct that also includes the Pink Bar, Shio Ramen and a few other venues.

The cafe opens early to cater to both hotel guests and walk-ins. I recommend sitting inside at one of the booths.

The breakfast menu is a collaboration with the Georgian Farmers’ Association, with all produce sourced fresh from local producers. Even though the a-la-carte portions are a little small for the price (you’re also paying for the setting and the excellent service), dishes such as American-style pancakes with berries are scrumptious. There’s also a buffet breakfast for 75 GEL per person.

This is the one and only time I’ll allow myself to order a pink cappuccino!

  • 14 Kostava Street (Vera) (inside Stamba Hotel)
  • Hours & info: Facebook Page


A spread of pancakes, fruit and yogurt.

Fabrika – my favourite hostel in Tbilisi and all-around awesome space for coworking, drinking and dining – has an airy plant-filled breakfast room at the far end of the building that’s open to both hostel guests and walk-ins.

It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet for 27 GEL, including scrumptious homemade matsoni cups with berries, pancakes, eggs and cold meats, fresh fruit, and pastries. The flaky, extra buttery croissants at Fabrika are some of the best in Tbilisi in my opinion.


A spread of breakfast dishes.

Lolita is another Tbilisi cafe located inside a reclaimed urban space. In this case, Lolita occupies an old artist’s house with a central open courtyard and beautifully detailed ‘Tbilisi balconies’ on the upper levels.

Lolita does a great eggs Benedict, kiklikos, pancakes with Chantilly cream, crepes and homemade chia pudding. Their lunch menu is a bit hit and miss in my experience so I recommend sticking to breakfast, which is served daily until 2pm.

The coffee is decent and there’s also yummy shakes, including a cacao and almond smoothie with pumpkin seeds. Lolita uses Wenu so be sure to download the app before you visit.


Two cups of coffee and a plate of waffles at a Tbilisi cafe.

One of my go-tos for an easy and incredibly affordable breakfast, Althaus is a cute tea house that serves branded herbal, green and black teas by the pot along with decadent waffles.

This is a great place to grab a quick bite if you’re headed off on a day trip that departs from Rose Revolution Square. Equally, you’d be happy setting up here for a couple of hours with a good book or your laptop – the setting is very cosy, the view fantastic and the staff very friendly.

  • 4/1 Leo Kiacheli Street (Rose Revolution Square)
  • Hours & info: Facebook Page

Specialty coffee shops in Tbilisi that serve breakfast

If caffeine is your main priority in the AM, these specialty coffee shop also serve a mean breakfast.

Don’t forget my list of the best specialty coffee shops in Tbilisi for more great options.

Coffee LAB

A waffle topped with shards of dried orange carrot.

My favourite cafe in Tbilisi by a pretty wide margin, Coffee LAB roast their own beans on-site for siphon, aeropress and French press coffee.

You can find their beans at cafes and restaurants all over the city. But it’s worth coming direct to the source to sample the breakfast menu, which includes chia pudding, homemade granola, and black rice pudding with caramelised bananas.

My go-to dish is the sulguni cheese waffles served with butternut pumpkin, carrot crisps, coriander sour cream and Parmesan granola. The combination of flavours and textures is out of this world! Need I say more?

If you need a place to sit behind your laptop for a few hours, Coffee LAB is my top choice of cafe to work from in Tbilisi. The outdoor tables all have a power supply in the umbrella stand, and the WIFI is fast and reliable. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful too.

Erti Kava Coffee Room

A beautiful cafe with white walls decorated with red stencils.

Set on a steep backstreet behind Rustaveli Avenue, this cafe is beautifully decorated (the red stencils extend to the front of the building) and serves some of the best specialty coffee in the city.

Erti Kava translates to ‘one coffee’ – but there’s a good chance you’ll stay for a second or third. The ambiance is dreamy – one morning I was sitting here when a violist started serenading the tables!

The all-day breakfast menu is well-rounded and features some unique sweet and savory creations, including a breakfast couscous bowl with salmon and avocado, pancakes with baked pear, and avo on toast. Many of the meals are vegan.

While you’re there, check out the small souvenir shop out the back. Erti Kava also has branches in Mestia and Batumi.

  • 8 Laghidze Street (off Rustaveli Avenue)
  • Hours & info: Facebook Page

Lui Coffee

Eggs and mushrooms served on a plate in a cafe for breakfast in Tbilisi.

Open bright and early at 5am every day, Lui Coffee is a great option for early risers. The baristas here are terrific and the arabica coffee is top-quality. They also serve specialty hot drinks including a blue cheese latte (yes, really!) and lavender, pistachio and halva raf.

The cafe is family owned and many of the recipes are home-style. Syrniki pancakes are made according to mum’s recipe, and the 4-cheese scrambled eggs are described as ‘life changing’. The beetroot toast with feta and roasted walnuts also comes highly recommended.

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t go past the house-made salted caramel and almost croissant.

Best bakeries & chains for a quick breakfast in Tbilisi

If you’re after a quick and affordable breakfast in Tbilisi, these bakeries and chains have snappy service and are great value for money.

Buka’s Bakery

Cinnamon rolls on a gold platter at Buka's Bakery in Tbilisi, Georgia.

If you like your breakfast sweet (who am I to judge!), Buka’s Bakery specialises in finger-licking good pastries, petit fours and cakes. This is the home of the best cinnamon roll in Tbilisi. They come out of the oven at 1pm sharp every day – a little late for breakfast, but perfectly timed for afternoon tea.

If you arrive early, why not try a Paris Brest with pistachio cream and raspberry, or maybe a slice of pecan pie instead. Pretty sure those both qualify as breakfast foods.

Buka’s also serves Italian-style coffee. The cafe is tiny and mainly does take-away but there are a couple of bar stools by the window inside where you can sit.


An almond croissant on a plate at a cafe in Tbilisi.

Now that Brotmeister has closed, there are three main bakery chains left in Tbilisi. Paul is definitely the ‘elevated’ option. There are branches around the city, including one just off Liberty Square.

This Parisian-style patisserie was founded in 1889 and specialises in beautiful French pastries, tarts, croissants and sweets. Paired with a cappuccino or a mug of Paul’s famous hot chocolate, it’s a decadent way to start your day. Prices are a little higher here but the quality is great and so is the service.

If you find yourself hungry in Yerevan, Paul is now launching cafes in Armenia too.

  • 3/5 Tabidze Street (near Freedom Square) + several other locations around Tbilisi
  • Hours & info: Facebook Page


Two cups of coffee and a stuffed croissant for breakfast at Entree in Tbilisi.

Similar to Degusto, Entree has multiple locations across Tbilisi (and in Baku). It’s Georgian owned and operated. Breakfast is served until 11am (or midday when the cafes are open on weekends). As well as pastries, ready-made sandwiches and savoury croissants, you can order an eat-in breakfast set with scrambled eggs.

I often visit the Old Town branch on Afkhazi Street where the main production bakery is located. The pastries here are always super fresh and there’s a lovely undercover courtyard out back with windows onto the kitchen area. I usually go for the almond croissant or apricot danish.

The quality of the coffee varies a lot between locations. Afkhazi Street is one of the more reliable branches in my experience.

  • 47 Kote Afkhazi Street + dozens of locations around Tbilisi
  • Hours & info: (Search on Google Maps)


Degusto’s buffet-style ‘fast food’ menu is hugely popular among students and office workers come lunchtime. It’s usually very quiet in the morning by contrast. If you’re meeting at Freedom Square/Pushkin Park for a walking tour or day trip, the branch on the square is your best option for grabbing a quick something to go.

In the morning, you can snag a pastry fresh from the oven (the oozy Nutella croissants are extremely yum) for just 4 GEL with a coffee, while an omelette, pastry and coffee will cost you 10 GEL.

  • 6 Kazbegi Avenue + 7 more locations around Tbilisi
  • Hours & info: (Search on Google Maps)

Breakfast in Tbilisi map

Looking for a breakfast joint close to your accommodation? Click here to open a map of these cafes and restaurants on Google Maps.

Where to stay in Tbilisi

Budget: Solo travellers and budget-conscious a range of design hostels in Tbilisi. My pick of the bunch is Fabrika Hostel – not least of all because they offer a terrific breakfast! Check rates and availability on

Mid-range: With cosy rooms and beautiful common spaces, Ilja’s Hotel near Rustaveli Metro is great value. Check rates and availability on

On the opposite side of the river, Graphica Tbilisi features ultra-modern designer rooms. The location, walking distance from Avlabari Metro, is perfect for accessing downtown. Check rates and availability on

Boutique: Museum Hotel Orbelini is set in a historic house close to the Dry Bridge Market. It features modern rooms, a rooftop bar and a lovely on-site restaurant. Read my review of Museum Hotel or check rates and availability on

Located in the atmospheric Sololaki neighbourhood, Communal Hotel offers luxury suites (all beautifull decorated in the Tbilisi style) plus a generous breakfast spread. Check rates and availability on

For more accommodation ideas, check out my round-up of family run guesthouses in Tbilisi and across Georgia.

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