Looking for the best coffee in Tbilisi or the perfect Tbilisi cafe with WIFI to perch behind your laptop? Read on for 15 of the best cafes in Georgia’s capital.

Tbilisi has really upped its coffee game in the past few years, with dozens of new specialty coffee shops and coffee roasters opening up around the city.

As Georgia’s popularity as a digital nomad destination continues to skyrocket, more and more laptop-friendly cafes with good WIFI have popped up, too.

A Georgian coffee menu at a cafe in Tbilisi.
A Georgian coffee menu at a cafe in Tbilisi.

Whether you prefer the classics – old-world Tbilisi coffee shops with cute decor and a relaxed vibe – or you’re all about the state-of-the-art, new wave coffee scene, Tbilisi has something to feed your caffeine craving.

This list brings together 15 of my personal favourite cafes in Tbilisi, each with a beautiful design, excellent WIFI, and above all great coffee!

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15 of the best cafes in Tbilisi

1. Coffee LAB Tbilisi (best coffee in Tbilisi)

A pourover coffee served at Coffee LAB Tbilisi.
Coffee LAB.

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning. Coffee LAB is one of the few cafes in Tbilisi that roasts its beans in-house – in fact, they supply lots of other cafes around the city so you’ve likely tasted their brews already without knowing it.

Go straight to the source at their popular Saburtalo branch, which features two levels of chic indoor seating plus an outdoor area that can only be described as ‘coworking luxury’: The WIFI is great, and each outdoor table has its own umbrella with a built-in power socket.

Choose from pour over, cold brew or classic coffees. Definitely order food here as well – the breakfast/lunch menu is great (especially the cheesy waffles), and they do a first-rate cheesecake.

Coffee LAB also stocks at-home accoutrements, including French presses, grinders, and of course take-home bags of beans and grounds.

Good news if you’re headed to the Black Sea next: Coffee LAB recently opened a stand on the boulevard in Batumi.

  • Location: 27 Kazbegi Ave (Saburtalo)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

2. Communal Cafe

Communal Cafe, a Tbilisi cafe with pink walls and antique furniture.
Communal Cafe.

When it comes to the most Instagrammable cafes in Tbilisi, the impeccable Comunal Cafe takes out my award.

Attached to the Communal Plekhanovi boutique hotel, the Communal Craft artisan craft shop and Weller Middle Eastern restaurant, this little complex is a powerhouse of impeccable food and exquisite design.

Brunch is served in the cute dining room in front of the custom-made bar or under the tree in the front yard. The coffee and homemade lemonade are both great, or for something to take the edge off, there’s spritz-ready Aperol on tap.

  • Location: 54 Egnate Ninoshvili St (Marjanishvili)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

3. Shavi Coffee Roasters

A cup of coffee, a mug of chai tea and a slice of pecan pie at Shavi Coffee Roasters in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Shavi Coffee Roasters.

New to the Tbilisi coffee scene in 2021, Shavi Coffee Roasters also roasts green beans in-store that come by way of Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil and beyond.

The cafe is airy and bright with plenty of table and bar seating next to the big, street-facing windows. The coffee menu is surprisingly restrained: Choose from black batch or hand brews, classic white coffees (including a flat white), or cold brew. They also do the best chai tea in Tbilisi (in my opinion).

Shavi’s food menu is classic cafe cuisine: Avo on toast, banana bread, Bagelin’ bagels and pies (the pecan is top notch), and cinnamon rolls.

4. Erti Kava Coffee Room

Erti Kava, a trendy coffee shop in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Erti Kava.

Conveniently located off Rustaveli Avenue, Erti Kava Coffee Room is a breath of fresh air with its playful interior complete with giant cross-stitch, a ruby red door and swinging seats.

Aeropress, pour over, espresso and Turkish coffee plus milk coffees, RAF and coffee lemonade are all on offer, along with locally grown organic Georgian tea. The beans are sourced from specialty roasters around the region such as High5 Coffee in Kiev and Roasting Brew in Moscow.

The food menu is health-focused: Smoothie bowls and vegetarian bowls along with breakfast staples such as salmon scrambled eggs.

You can find more Erti Kava Coffee Rooms elsewhere in Georgia, including in Batumi and Mestia.

  • Location: 8 Laghidze St (off Rustaveli Ave)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

5. Santino Modcoffeebar Tbilisi

Outdoor tables at Santino Coffee Bar in Tbilisi.

Paris or Tbilisi? Chic Santino fits right in amongst the historic facades on the recently renovated Atoneli Street.

Offering ‘unique coffee recipes from around the world’, the menu reads like an espresso atlas. Along with the classics, there are Italian concoctions I’ve never heard of (Schiumato, anyone?), Vietnamese and Thai coffees, a Golden Indian latte, a Copenhagen-style brew, Tenerife Barraquito, and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Personally, I love that they serve their milk coffees on a little bronze tray with a glass of water on the side. I’m easily pleased.

The food menu is equally impressive – they even have an entire ‘Avocaderia’ section. How many ways can you prepare an avocado? You’ll have to stop by and see for yourself.

6. Lui Coffee (best coffee shop in Tbilisi for early risers)

A glass cup of coffee at Lui, a cafe in Tbilisi that opens early.
Lui Coffee.

The only cafe in Tbilisi I know of that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Lui Coffee is located near several universities and is solely responsible for caffeinating the student cohort.

This place has a heartwarming food philosophy, pairing fresh and homemade products with family recipes for an outstanding brunch menu (think garden apple pie and old-fashioned honey cake). They have a big range of sandwiches, croissants, salads and breakfast eggs, too.

The barista coffee, made on Coffee LAB beans, is dependably good and always served with a smile.

There is plenty of seating inside for coworking, either by the big windows or tucked away in the back for privacy. The children’s play area and nearby Mziuri Park make it a good choice for families, too.

  • Location: 23 Chavchavadze Ave (Vake)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

7. Pulp

This hip ‘Berlin-style’ coffee house serves specialty brews by day and natural wines by night. The space is small and minimal, with bench seating and big street-facing windows.

The coffee is excellent, as are the locally thrown mugs by 1300 Ceramic Studio it’s served in. A curated selection of beans are available to purchase in store, including HAYB from Warsaw and Onyx Coffee from Arkansas.

  • Location: 22 Simon Janashia St (Vera)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

8. Cafe Leila

The interior of cafe Leila in Tbilisi.
Cafe Leila, one of the most beautiful historic cafes in Tbilisi.

This Tbilisi institution has to be the most popular cafe in Tbilisi, but don’t let that dissuade you. There’s a good reason why Cafe Leila features on so many visitors’ bucket lists: The food, the atmosphere and most of all the location are all a cut above.

While it might not be the best cafe for working with all the comings and goings, it’s certainly the kind of place where you can sit for hours and watch the world go by. Barista coffee, special sweets (including Orbeliani’s Candy, a secret recipe) and a vegetarian-friendly menu are on offer.

The outdoor tables are perfect for people-watching – especially in spring when the resident cherry blossom tree is in bloom – but don’t miss popping inside for a gander at the beautiful old-world interior.

  • Location: 18 Shavteli St (near the Marionette Theatre)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

9. Puri Guliani (best cafes in Tbilisi for pastries)

A busy Puri Guliani cafe in Tbilisi.
Puri Guliani.

With a flagship cafe near the Dry Bridge Market and branches in Vake and Mtatsminda Park, Puri Guliani is a cult-classic Tbilisi cafe-bakery with tasty coffee and a smorgasbord of decadent treats.

Brews are made on Ethiopian and Brazilian beans with a Slayer machine. Go all-out with a Halva RAF or a Dalgona, or stick to something simpler and save your sweet tooth for the cake cabinet. Of all their pastries, my favourite is the humble Ponchiki filled donut, a Tbilisi tradition.

The Saarbrucken Square cafe is particularly good for working, with outdoor seating and indoor benches overlooking the river.

  • Location: Saarbrucken Square (near the Dry Bridge Market), 37 Abashidze St (Vake) & Mtatsminda Park
  • Hours & info: Facebook

10. Stamba Cafe Tbilisi

Stamba Cafe is located in the lobby of Stamba Hotel alongside a cocktail bar and several restaurants.

In a previous life, the building was a printing house. The reborn industrial-chic venue is picture-perfect, with cute booth seating, cafe curtains, and a lovely open-air courtyard out back.

The coffee is great, as is the breakfast menu (choose from buffet or a la carte), service is attentive, and the WIFI is free. A good all-rounder.

  • Location: 14 Kostava St (Vera)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

11. Coffee and Culture (chilled Tbilisi cafe for working)

Located at the start of Saburtalo district – a short walk from the Medical University Metro Station – Coffee and Culture is a bit of a hidden gem and another great cafe for co-working in Tbilisi.

Seating is plentiful and super comfy, music is quiet, and it’s usually not very busy during the day. There’s fast WIFI and plenty of power sockets, which makes it a great choice if you need to hunker down and get some work done.

As well as coffee, tea and cold shakes, there’s a lunch menu of toasted sandwiches, soups, salads, veggie bowls, waffles, pastries and more.

  • Location: 22 Shartava Street (Saburtalo)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

12. Books From Past

Home of Tbilisi’s best carrot cake, Books From Past is a cafe-slash-bookshop with a snug outdoor terrace and indoor tables amongst the shelves. It’s one of my favourite places to visit in winter.

Flick through a design book whilst sipping your Coffee LAB cuppa. If the cake doesn’t tempt you, they also do sweet bagels and savoury brunch plates.

The cafe is located on the second level of an apartment building: Ring the bell and someone will let you in.

  • Location: Flat 2, 10 Akhvlediani St (Vera)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

13. Cafe Maria Magdalina

Perched on the hill above Rustaveli metro station near the entrance to Keto and Kote, one of Tbilisi’s best Georgian restaurants, Maria Magdalina is also a twofer: Part cafe, part plant shop. The entrance behind an (almost) unmarked door gives it a special feel from the outset.

The upper level is an overgrown greenhouse-like space with big windows and comfy couches. Downstairs, you can sit on the indoor-outdoor terrace between the olive trees.

The breakfast and brunch menu includes Tbilisi’s second-best carrot cake (it was close, believe me) as well as gourmet bowls and savoury meals to accompany your coffee.

This is a great place to meet friends – if you need to work, I recommend sitting upstairs where it’s a little quieter.

  • Location: 5 Zandukeli Dead End (Vera)
  • Hours & info: Facebook

14. The Museum

The Museum, a trendy cafe in Tbilisi Georgia.
The Museum.

This underrated cafe is attached to the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts and fitted out as you would expect, with mod furniture, pop artwork and retro Georgian posters. I love the outdoor balcony seating, which gives you a view of Kashueti St. George Church and bustling Rustaveli Avenue.

Along with good coffee, The Museum sports a splendid array of cakes (my pick is the pistachio cheesecake) and gourmet sandwiches. The indoor dining room is laptop-friendly and the WIFI is good.

  • Location: 7 Rustaveli Ave
  • Hours & info: Facebook

15. Cafe Mziuri

The courtyard at Cafe Mziuri in Tbilisi.
Cafe Mziuri.

Located on the edge of Mziuri Park, a wonderful green space in Vake district, this is one of the best coffee shops in Tbilisi with outdoor seating and a favourite of mine during autumn in Tbilisi.

Along with coffee and herbal teas, Cafe Mziuri serves a well-rounded bistro menu of soups, salads and sandwiches. The cafe is laptop friendly with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, and lots of natural light.

During the day, the cafe is popular with families and by night, it transforms into a atmospheric fairy light-lit bar, serving Georgian beer and local wine.

  • Location: 23 Chavchavadze St (Vake) 
  • Hours & info: Facebook

More specialty coffee shops in Tbilisi

For more specialty coffee, check out La Marzocco Espresso Bar, NUR and Bunna Bike, all in Vake district.

For great take-away coffee near Freedom Square, I suggest Soda Bar, Jupiter and Kava? Minda!.

Chain cafes in Tbilisi

There are a number of chain coffee shops in Tbilisi including Coffeesta, bakeries Entree, Degusto and Paul, and international names including Gloria Jeans. There is no Starbucks in Tbilisi!

The coffee served at these places is usually OK but it depends a lot on the barista. Paul on Tabidze Street and Entree on Kote Abkhazi Street are both convenient to the Old Town/Freedom Square and generally serve good coffee at an affordable price.

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